Anoa APC – Indonesia has a respectable defense industry

Because ANOA good performance and effectively, it continues to be developed into many variants such as logistics, recovery and ambulance

HNLMS Johan de Witt – The Landing Platform Dock of the Royal Netherlands Navy

HNLMS Johan de Witt has participated twice in anti-piracy operations off the coast of Somalia, where it successfully disrupted pirate activities and...

GKN Simba – Explore the power of armored vehicles of the Philippine army

GKN became known in the 1950s by making the family of tracked armored personnel carriers FV 432

Shenyang J-16 – The sword and the most dangerous 4++ generation fighter of the...

For china, in the near future, it is not J-11 fighters or J-20 stealth fighters, but the J-16 will be the backbone...

Saab Globaleye – A good choice for a multi-role AEW&C platform from Sweden

Globaleye is a new multi-role airborne surveillance system developed by Saab.IntroduceTo truly ensure...