On the Ukrainian battlefield, 14 Ukrainian planes were shot down by Russia. Ukrainian troops counterattack in Lugansk.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense announced at a regular briefing, yesterday, Russia’s air defense and air force shot down 14 aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force, including 3 fighter jets and 1 attack aircraft.

Most of the aircraft of the Ukrainian Army that were shot down by the Russian air defense and air force were 8 unmanned aerial vehicles, including the TB2 UAV and two Mi-24 combat helicopters.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that the Ukrainian Air Force suffered serious losses on March 6, five fighters and eight Bayraktar TB2 drones were destroyed.

The Russian Air Force continues to control the airspace of Ukraine, destroying what is left of the Ukrainian air force.

Major General Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense, said that fighter jets of the Russian Air Force and air defense forces shot down three Su-27s of the Ukrainian Air Force in the Poltava region, one Su-25 in the Gostomel region, two Mi-24 helicopters in the Makarov region and the TB2 UAV.

The air force destroyed 3 Buk M1 air defense missile systems and 2 warning radar stations of the Ukrainian Army. In fact, the Russian Army has completely mastered the skies of Ukraine.

Despite this, Kyiv has not stopped trying to buy Soviet-made fighters and attack aircraft from the West, which are still in service with the air forces of several NATO countries.

The number of aircraft that some countries such as Poland, Bulgaria can support to Ukraine are MiG-29 and Su-25, because Ukrainian pilots are only trained on Soviet aircraft. Kyiv was not satisfied with the offer of Western-made aircraft, as there was no one who could fly them.

Currently on Ukrainian territory there is only the Vinnitsa airport that is still operable, but was decommissioned about a day ago, probably the last remaining airport of the Ukrainian Air Force.

According to information from the Russian Defense Ministry, now the Ukrainian air force has “really ceased to exist”, but there is still no official confirmation of this. In fact, Ukrainian Air Force planes are still flying.

Last night, the southern part of the Lugansk region (the territory controlled by the separatists), was hit by a tactical ballistic missile. According to information, the missile was launched from the territory controlled by the Ukrainian Army.

The number of deaths and injuries is unknown at this time; however there is a tank gathering point of the self-proclaimed Lugansk republic militia (LDP). There is evidence of destruction in this gathering point.

On a video, viewers can see the outcome of the Tochka-U tactical missile attack. An explosion caused by sabotage was initially suspected, but later the Luhansk militia confirmed it was a Ukrainian missile attack on the oil depot.

Currently, work on extinguishing the fire and overcoming the consequences of the explosion caused by a Ukrainian missile is still underway; but the amount of fuel in the base area is not reported. Judging by the videos, at least one oil depot was damaged and there was a risk of fire spreading to other oil storage facilities.

Currently neither the militia nor the Russian Army know from which area the Tochka-U missile of the Ukrainian Army was launched, and why the air defense systems of both Russia and the militia could not detect and intercept it?

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