The Russian Army has received the first Experimental batch of the new generation 2S41 Drok self-propelled mortar mounted on the Typhoon-VDV armored vehicle chassis, according to Rostec.

This 2S41 Drok system promises to improve mobility and quick response compared to traditional mortar complexes.

The main weapon of the 2S41 Drok complex is the improved 82mm caliber 2B14 Podnos mortar, which has a range of more than one and a half times the original when it can destroy targets from a distance of 6 km. Additionally, it has a minimum firing range of no more than 100 meters, providing effective close-range capabilities. The 2S41 Drok self-propelled mortar system is also equipped with a remote control combat module armed with a 7.62 mm PKTM machine gun for self-defense at close range.

The main advantage of the new Russian self-propelled mortar system lies in the rate of fire, which reached more than 10 rounds per minute in tests, in addition to being able to lower the barrel of a direct fire. The number of shells carried on the vehicle is 40. In addition to its firepower, the vehicle is equipped with motorized aiming mechanisms and a fire control system, simplifying operational tasks for the crew.

The 2B24 mortar offers a traverse of ± 4 degrees on its bipod. However, its versatility extends to the ability to make a full 360-degree rotation by moving the bipod, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the surrounding area. The mortar can be adjusted to elevate between 45 and 85 degrees.

Rostec representatives note that their 2S41 Drok self-propelled mortar is equipped with a motorized drivetrain characteristic of a modern SUV, as well as a digital communication device “which ensures safe communication of information “. In the Russian Federation, this weapon system is praised as “a maneuverable vehicle that can quickly escape enemy fire” and has fairly reliable protective properties.

It should be noted that the crew can fire without leaving the vehicle, besides the process of changing the state from march to combat and vice versa takes less than 1 minute. Participating goals of the Drok self-propelled mortar may include personnel, lightly armored vehicles, lighting the area and creating smoke screens through specialized ammunition. The new Drok mortar system developed on Typhoon-VDV mine-resistant protected patrol vehicle. The combat mass is about 14 tons and can increase speed up to 100 km/h.

The 2S41 Drok self-propelled mortar mockup was shown at the Army Forum 2015, and 4 years later, in 2019, a complete prototype of the combat vehicle was introduced. This vehicle has been scheduled for mass production in 2020, but as of now, we are still talking about a test batch, it is not known when the assembly line will actually go live.


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