In fact, in the Sea Breeze-2021 exercise, only the US missile destroyer USS Ross and the British destroyer HMS Defender have remarkable strength

According to the calculations of experts, to ensure the destruction of the destroyer Defender or Ross, about 8 missiles of the Russian Bal coastal defense complex are needed. And these are not the only Russian coastal defense weapons in the Black Sea, from Abkhazia to Crimea. The peninsula has special attention, as an area of ​​NATO obsession.

The Bal coastal missile defense complex, armed with Kh-35 and Kh-35U anti-ship missiles, can destroy targets at a distance of up to 260 km. Combined with Bal is the A-222E Bereg-E 130mm coastal mobile artillery systems. It was designed to engage surface ships and fast attack boats as well as ground targets. It is capable of engaging targets within 1–2 minutes and can fire up to 12 shots per minute.

Sea Breeze-2021
Sea Breeze-2021

There is also the 3M-54 Kalibr multi-purpose cruise missile system, which is a containerized cruise missile system designed to hit ground, surface targets and anti-submarine. The system can be placed both ashore and aboard conventional cargo ships, making it indistinguishable from normal cargo containers. Such defensive weapons, all directed towards the Black Sea region.

To ensure air defense, at least one regiment of S-400 air defense missiles has been deployed in Crimea. Its radar can cover the airspace and detect targets even in the Istanbul city area, 542 km from Sevastopol. It is clear that Russia has built up such a “huge” force, to ensure the security of the Kerch Strait and the entire Crimean peninsula.

There is no denying the combat capabilities of the US DDG-71 missile destroyer USS Ross, equipped with a variety of weapons and a respectable Aegis combat system. But in reality, these warships feel extremely insecure, when faced with Russian electronic warfare systems. Being able to be attack both from the ground, in the air, from the surface and under the sea, are both serious threats to NATO warships.

Of course, the USS Ross understands that it is one of the targets that will be attacked by Russia in the first place, and logically they will try to avoid the contact area with the Russian fleet and coastal missile systems as much as possible. The Sea Breeze-2021 exercise in the Black Sea shows that NATO has not abandoned its plan to blockade Crimea, at least to create a zone of tension around it. Therefore, measures to strengthen Russia’s military on the peninsula at the present time are necessary.

In Crimea, the air force was also strengthened. The squadron includes Su-30SM, Su-24, Su-25. There are also strategic bombers Tu-22M3 and Tu-95. Of course, all the airspace over the Black Sea is controlled by Russia. Currently, Russia’s air and sea defense systems are activated at the highest level, able to destroy the enemy without leaving Russia’s shores.


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