Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Hello, I’m Dung Tran – an independent Military researcher. I come from Vietnam – a small country in Southeast Asia, known as a symbol of the spirit of fighting for peace and independence.

Since I was a boy, my father took me to visit museums in Hanoi, and my interest in history began. I began to study history and discovered that there was nothing easier to learn about history through military weapons. The history of mankind has been based on wars. Over the ages, weapons of war have evolved, but it has been most sublimated since the two world wars.

I created this Military Blog is nothing more than want to share my passion with you, and maybe that will be your inspiration. Hope you will find something interesting when visiting my blog.
I also have a small YouTube channel with content about weapons and history, please take a moment to visit my channel:

Posts, videos, photos contributed to the website please send to: [email protected]. I appreciate all of your contributions. Thank you so much.

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