It is reported that in 2022 the Peter the Great will go into modernization, and then Admiral Nakhimov will replace his colleague to become the flagship of the Russian fleet


Admiral Nakhimov and his brothers in the Kirov-class battlecruiser can be seen as representations of the pinnacle of the Cold War. In the 1970s, the threat posed by US carrier battle groups was too great to be ignored.

The proper response was a radical approach in building new warships. The Soviet approach was not submarines or aircraft carriers, whose technologies that the Soviet Union did not have much experience with, but giant warships capable of traveling across the ocean and destroying entire fleets with a rain of missiles.

Admiral Nakhimov
Admiral Nakhimov


With a standard displacement of 24,300 tons, and a full load of 28,000 tons, the Kirov class was recognized as the largest warships in the late 20th century, behind only supercarriers. Admiral Nakhimov is 252m long, beam is 28.5m, and draft is 9.1m.

Admiral Nakhimov has a characteristic design of his time, especially the superstructure. The central part of the superstructure is very high, fitted with all kinds of sensors and processing systems – 3D search radar, navigation radar, fire control system. A hull sonar is fitted to detect and track enemy naval threats, and a “Horse Tail” Variable Depth Sonar was also fitted at the stern for this purpose.


Admiral Nakhimov is a special ship, equipped with two nuclear reactors and two steam turbines, producing 140,000 horsepower. The ship can reach a top speed of 32 knots, a range of 1,000 miles with a speed of 30 knots in combined propulsion, and unlimited with nuclear power at 20 knots. The crew is about 800 people.


The singular purpose of the Kirov class was to defeat the US Navy in the event of a war at sea. This was why Admiral Nakhimov was equipped with a huge arsenal, including:

  • A set of 20 Granit anti-ship missiles housed in a vertical launch system beneath the superstructure.
  • An inventory of 96 S-300F and S-300FM long-range SAMs.
  • An inventory of SA-N-20 short-range SAMs. Six Kashtan CIWSs.
  • Four AK-630 30mm CIWSs. A twin-barrel AK-130 naval gun.
  • 2 x RBU-1000 and RBU-12000 Anti-Submarine ROCket (ASROC) launchers were fitted to combat submarine threats, and 10 x 533mm torpedo tubes to engage surface threats.

With its huge arsenal, Nakhimov was able to resist missile and air attacks. The combination of the Voshkod MR-800 and the Fregat MR-710 search radar allowed it to target enemy fleets 300 km away and eliminate them with anti-ship missiles.

The stern is the area where helicopters operate, including a flight deck and a hangar, with full service for 3-5 Kamov Ka-27 Helix or Ka-25 Hormone anti-submarine warfare helicopters.

It is reported that in 2022 the Peter the Great will go into modernization, and then Admiral Nakhimov will replace his colleague to become the flagship of the Russian fleet. With new strength after being modernized, Admiral Nakhimov is expected to increase the strength of the Russian fleet.


(Source: Wikipedia)

Class and type:Kirov-class battlecruiser
Displacement:24,300 tons Standard, 28,000 (Full Load)
Length:252 m (827 ft) 230 m (750 ft) (Waterline)
Beam:28.5 m (94 ft)
Draft:9.1 m (30 ft)
Propulsion:2-shaft CONAS, Nuclear propulsion with steam turbine boost 100,000 kW (140,000 shp)
Speed:32 knots (59 km/h)
Range:1,000 nautical miles (2,000 km) at 30 knots (56 km/h) (combined propulsion), Essentially unlimited with nuclear power at 20 knots (37 km/h)
Complement:727 Aircrew: 18 Flag staff: 15
Sensors and
processing systems:
Voskhod MR-800 (Top Pair) 3D search radar on foremast Fregat MR-710 (Top Steer) 3D search radar on main mast 2 × Palm Frond navigation radar on foremast 2 × Top Dome for SA-N-6 fire control 2 × Eye Bowl for SA-N-4 fire control Horse Jaw LF hull sonar Horse Tail VDS (Variable Depth Sonar)
Armament:(before modernization) 20 P-700 Granit (SS-N-19 Shipwreck) AShM 12 × 8 (96) SA-N-6 Grumble surface-to-air missiles 2 x 2 (44) OSA-MA (SA-N-4 Gecko) PD SAM 2 × RBU-1000 305 mm ASW rocket launchers 2 × RBU-12000 (Udav-1) 254 mm ASW rocket launchers 1 twin AK-130 130 mm/L70 dual purpose gun 10 533 mm ASW/ASuW torpedo tubes, Type 53 torpedo or SS-N-15 ASW missile 6 × Kashtan (CADS-N-1) point defense gun/missile system
Armour:76 mm (3 in) plating around reactor compartment, light splinter protection
Aircraft carried:3-5 Kamov Ka-27 “Helix” or Ka-25 “Hormone”
Aviation facilities:Below-deck hangar


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