According to Turkish media, Turkish defense corporation Otokar has unveiled its new combat unmanned ground vehicle, called Alpar.

The Alpar was introduced as an unmanned, tracked, heavy infantry fighting vehicle to meet the multi-mission requirements of modern warfare. With a maximum loaded weight of 15 tons, the unmanned ground vehicle aims to find solutions to the following issues with its autonomous systems and artificial intelligence systems.

With a technological edge, unmanned combat vehicles reduce the need for personnel on the battlefield, minimizing risks and streamlining routine tasks. Moreover, ALPAR enhances its effectiveness by establishing seamless communication with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and other elements present in the battlefield, thereby optimizing mission outcomes.

ALPAR boasts an array of domestically developed environmental detection and decision-making algorithms. These sophisticated systems, along with Otokar’s Adaptive Driving Support Systems, enable the vehicle to navigate challenging terrains and make intelligent decisions in real-time. Such capabilities bolster ALPAR’s overall performance and situational awareness, empowering it to adapt to ever-changing circumstances.

The ALPAR is equipped with a multi-role turret system that is compatible with a wide range of medium-sized guns and is compatible with anti-tank missiles. For the first time in Turkey, an anti-tank missile was integrated on a 30 mm turret system. By adding anti-tank missile capabilities to their turret systems, Otokar further enhances the defensive capabilities of their vehicles, amplifying their effectiveness on the battlefield.

The vehicle stands out with its low thermal signature, its ability to be carried on a helicopter or light transport aircraft, and its rapidly replaceable battery modules. The new combat vehicle has a modular design suitable for missions such as advanced reconnaissance and surveillance, as well as different missions such as fire support vehicle, logistic support vehicle, air defense vehicle and anti-tank vehicle. The vehicle is being developed keeping in mind the requirements of different armed forces, including the Turkish Army which is already looking into procuring this type of vehicle.


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