AMX International is classified as a ground attack aircraft, providing aerial fire support, and performing reconnaissance missions.

AMX is designated A-11 Ghibli in the Italian Air Force and A-1 in the Brazilian Air Force.

The AMX attack aircraft is capable of operating at high subsonic speeds at low altitudes, day and night. If necessary, it can operate on bases that have field runways or damaged. It has a low infrared signal and is designed to reduce radar signature. It is composed primarily of aluminium and manufactured using traditional construction methods, however elements such as the tail fin and elevators use carbon fibre composite materials.

AMX International
AMX International

AMX has a length of 13.23 m (43 ft 5 in), a wingspan of 8.87 m (29 ft 1 in), a height 4.55 m (14 ft 11 in), an empty weight of 6.7 tons (14,771 lb), and maximum takeoff weight of 10.75 tons (28,660 lb). Essentially, the AMX is a single-engine attack aircraft, with high-mounted monoplane wings, and twin air intakes.

A large proportion of the AMX’s internal space is allocated to avionics and onboard computer systems, both the navigation and attack systems are computerized. For accessability and ease of maintenance, all avionics are installed directly in bays beneath the cockpit in a manner in which they can be worked upon at ground level without the use of support platforms.

Drawing on experience from the Panavia Tornado, the AMX is equipped with a hybrid flight control system; a fly-by-wire control system is employed to operate flight control surfaces such as the spoilers, rudder and variable incidence tailplane, while the ailerons and elevators are actuated via a dual-redundant hydraulic system.

The wing is fitted with both leading edge slats and trailing edge flaps and overwing spoilers ahead of the flaps. The spoilers can function as airbrakes and to negate lift; improving take-off and landing performance as well as manoeuvrability during flight.

The AMX is powered by a Rolls-Royce Spey 807 turbofan engine that produces 49.1 kN of thrust. The aircraft can reach a top speed of 1,053 km/h (654 mph), combat range is 889 km (552 mi), service ceiling is 13,000 m (43,000 ft), and rate of climb is 52.1 m/s (10,260 ft/min).


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