The Anshan’s sister ships like the Nanchang and the Lhasa have already achieved operational capability and carried out far sea missions.

According to the Global Times, the destroyer Anshan, hull number 103, has reached operational capacity after completing a recent final inspection. Thus, the next destroyer of the Type 055 class is ready for for far sea missions. Chinese television on November 26 reported that the Anshan and the Type 052D-class destroyers underwent a three-day full-course training acceptance test in the Yellow Sea, in which other vessels, submarines, fighter jets, early warning aircraft and helicopters acted as mock opponents, posing multiple threats simultaneously from the sea surface, underwater and in the air.

Type 055 destroyer has a full load displacement of more than 12,000 tons, larger than the American destroyer Arleigh Burke, displacement of only about 9,000 tons. The Anshan’s sister ships like the Nanchang and the Lhasa have already achieved operational capability and carried out far sea missions to places like the Sea of Japan, the West Pacific and the Bering Sea, according to previous reports. The Nanchang was also a part of the Liaoning aircraft carrier group in several far sea trainings.

The PLA Navy has announced the commissioning of six Type 055 large destroyers. Two more have also been reportedly launched, bringing the total number of this ship class to eight. The Type 055 is built on the basis of a traditional hull design and receives a faceted superstructure with two “islands” and a mast. Most of the units and devices are retracted inside the structure, which should reduce the visibility in different ranges. On the superstructure, there are places for mounting the AFAR of the main radar.

The ship is equipped with a Chinese-developed high-performance digital combat information and control system. It integrates the main Type 346B surveillance radar, capable of detecting large targets at ranges of up to 600 km. Four AFARs of this station are installed on the superstructure. The AFAR station for monitoring the air situation is located on the mast. There are also radio equipment for controlling the fire of anti-aircraft and artillery systems. The use of active and passive electronic warfare is envisaged.

Type 055 is equipped with modular universal vertical missile launchers. Each such module has eight cells. There are eight modules in front of the superstructure, six more in the center of the ship. The total ammunition load is 112 missiles. The destroyer can use YJ-18 and CJ-10 cruise missiles to engage surface and coastal targets. Air defense at medium and long range is carried out using HHQ-9 and HHQ-16 missiles. It is also possible to use CY-5 anti-submarine missiles.

In front of the bow launcher is the 130 mm PJ-38 artillery system. The ship also carries one 11-barreled 30-mm machine gun and an anti-aircraft complex HJ-10 with its own launcher for 24 missiles. To combat underwater targets, there are two three-tube torpedo tubes of 324 mm caliber with Yu-7 torpedoes.

A hangar for two helicopters is provided in the aft part of the superstructure. The destroyer can carry multipurpose or anti-submarine vehicles of the Z-9, Z-18 or Z-20 type for solving various auxiliary tasks. A compartment for rigid-hull inflatable boats is provided in the stern of the hull.


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