Arquus Scarabee is a light armored military scout vehicle, with a host of unique features. One of the more interesting features of all is the hybrid powertrain.

Arquus Scarabee is fitted a 300-hp V6 diesel engine, it gets the addition of a 70kw hybrid electric drive system. The vehicle can also be equipped with 12kWh high-capacity li-ion rechargeable batteries. These equipment help increase the vehicle’s stealth in military operations with 100% electric mode.

Another interesting feature is the Scarabee’s 4-wheel steering system. The state-of-the-art steering system allows the vehicle to easily turn around on the battlefield, allowing Scarabee to leap out from cover and quickly retreat without having to do any turn, leaving it open to enemy fire. The rear wheels of the Scarabée provide independent steering so that it can not only make very tight U-turns but, as the rear axle can be kept parallel to the front one in a turn, it can move simultaneously forward and sideways like a crab.

Arquus Scarabee
Arquus Scarabee

Scarabée has a compact size, with a length of 5.25m, width of 2.1m, height of 2m and a total weight of 8 tons. It can accommodate up to four members. All the crew members in the vehicle will be able to communicate with each other using built-in intercoms. It is also capable of reaching a top speed of 130 km/h, not bad for an armored military vehicle weighing 8 tons.

At IDEX 2021, Arquus introduced Scarabee in three configurations: Patrol SAS – for the needs of special forces units; Reconnaissance – provide higher firepower on the battlefield with a 30mm cannon; and the 3rd version is Security, Counter-Terrorist, and urban operations. The price of Scarabee has not been announced yet.

The Scarabee’s compact size allows it to be transported by a military transport helicopter, or by a C-130 aircraft. The French military vehicle is designed to get in and out of locations quickly while keeping the occupants safe. It even provide a 200° visibility to the driver seated in the forward central position for improved view of the surroundings, which is a key in dangerous places.


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