With advanced electronic systems, high mobility, diverse weapons, AS565 MBe Panther is considered one of the most powerful submarine hunting helicopters today.

AS565 Panther helicopter review

In addition to its terrifying anti-submarine capabilities, the AS565 Panther is used for a range of other military roles, including combat assault, fire support, anti-surface warfare, search and rescue, and medical evacuation.

AS565 Panther is a Utility Military Helicopter manufactured by the French defense industry. Photo: Jetphotos.

The AS565 Panther was developed by French aerospace firm Aerospatiale in the early 1980s, but currently being built by Airbus Helicopter. Up to now, more than 550 AS565 helicopters have been built in France and a few other countries, exported to more than 20 countries around the world. Panther is a military version of the Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin medium-weight multi-purpose twin-engine helicopter, one of the most widely used helicopters currently in the world, both civil and military. The Panther is capable of working well at sea, the use of many modern sensors that allow it to patrol, detect and attack targets more accurately.

AS565 MBe Panther is a submarine-hunting military variant of the famous Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin. Photo: Airbus.

The design of the AS565 Panther was influenced by its predecessor, the fuselage used more composite materials to provide high durability and low radar signal reflections. The helicopter has a length of 13.68m, 3.97m high, an empty weight of 2.38 tons and a maximum take-off weight of 4.3 tons.

This is one of the most widely used helicopters in the world today, both civilian and military. Photo: Airbus.

A beautiful, slender design from nose to tail, right behind the nose is the cockpit for a pilot and a co-pilot, designed almost entirely of glass for great vision. The crew enter or exit through a pair of car-hinged doors along the front of the fuselage. Behind the cockpit is arranged a passenger compartment, depending on the requirements of each customer, the internal equipment is changed to suit each task. Passengers access through two sliding doors on either side of the body.

AS565 Panther was built as an assault helicopter, supporting infantry and attacking submarines and surface warships. Photo: Airbus.

In the commando-transport configuration, the Panther may carry up to 10 fully armed soldiers on board at a time in addition to the two pilots flying the aircraft. The main cabin can be rapidly reconfigured to conduct various roles, such as troop-transport, search and rescue, and MEDIVAC missions; optional equipment includes a full medical suite, forward-looking infrared camera, emergency flotation, loudspeaker, variable-speed hoist, cargo sling, search light, and a stretcher-support structure.

The helicopter has a length of 13.6m, rotor diameter of 11.9m, height of 3.9m. Photo: Airbus.

In 2014, the Indonesian Navy opted to procure 11 anti submarine warfare-equipped Panthers through Indonesian Aerospace. In the Asian market, the European-built Panther has had limited sales mainly due to export competition from the Chinese-built Harbin Z-9, itself a license-built derivative of the Dauphin alike to the Panther.

The electronic system has also been upgraded with the use of many modern sensors to allow the aircraft to patrol, detect and attack targets more accurately. Photo: Airbus.
The empty weight of AS565 Panther is 2.3 tons, the maximum takeoff weight is up to 4.5 tons. Photo: Airbus.
With being able to carry more than a ton of weapons, the equipment of the AS565 Panther is also very diverse. Photo: Airbus.
The helicopter is equipped with a 20 mm Giat M621 rapid fire cannon, which can fire at a rate of 800 rounds / minute. Photo: Airbus.
Helicopters can carry 68mm, or 70mm rocket launchers. Photo: Airbus.

The helicopter’s missile system is also quite diverse, from Matra Mistral air-to-air missiles, AS15 anti-ship missiles, to HOT anti-tank missiles.

The most feared killer on the AS565 Panther is the MK46 anti-ship torpedo, which is considered one of the most dangerous torpedoes today.

In addition AS565 Panther has the ability to carry 10 soldiers with fully armed, ready to disembark or evacuate staff when needed.


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