AS565 Panther is a military version of the Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin medium-weight multi-purpose twin-engine helicopter.

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Advanced electronic systems, high maneuverability and a diverse arsenal, have turned AS565 Panther helicopter into one of the most powerful submarine hunting helicopters today. In addition to its terrifying anti-submarine capabilities, the AS565 Panther is used for a range of other military roles, including combat assault, fire support, anti-surface warfare, search and rescue, and medical evacuation.

The AS565 Panther was developed by French aerospace firm Aerospatiale in the early 1980s, but currently being built by Airbus Helicopter. Up to now, more than 550 AS565 helicopters have been built in France and a few other countries, exported to more than 20 countries around the world.

Panther is a military version of the Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin medium-weight multi-purpose twin-engine helicopter, one of the most widely used helicopters currently in the world, both civil and military. The Panther is capable of working well at sea, the use of many modern sensors that allow it to patrol, detect and attack targets more accurately.

AS565 Panther
AS565 Panther


The design of the AS565 Panther was influenced by its predecessor, the fuselage used more composite materials to provide high durability and low radar signal reflections. The helicopter has a length of 13.68m, 3.97m high, an empty weight of 2.38 tons and a maximum take-off weight of 4.3 tons.

A beautiful, slender design from nose to tail, right behind the nose is the cockpit for a pilot and a co-pilot, designed almost entirely of glass for great vision. The crew enter or exit through a pair of car-hinged doors along the front of the fuselage.

Behind the cockpit is arranged a passenger compartment, depending on the requirements of each customer, the internal equipment is changed to suit each task. Passengers access through two sliding doors on either side of the body.

Above the AS565 Panther’s cabin is the engines, which power a four-bladed main rotor and a multi-bladed tail rotor housed in a “Fenestron” shroud. The blades are made of fiberglass that are very durable but lightweight. Although more complex than the usual layout, it eliminates torque and protects the tail rotors from enemy fire and contributes to noise reduction. It is rated to be highly safe at ground launch, highly maneuverable at low altitudes, and lands well on land and sea. The tail rotor protection housing is connected to a vertical tail fin and two horizontal planes. The wheels are fully retractable and include a pair of main landing legs and a nose wheel leg.

AS565 Panther
AS565 Panther


The AS565 Panther is equipped with a pair of Turbomeca Arriel turboshaft engines, providing 852 horsepower each. The helicopter’s performance is quite impressive: it can reach a top speed of 306 km/h, a service ceiling of 5,800m, and a rate of climb of 9.9m/s.

The flight profile of the Panther has been described as being easy to manoeuver, possessing generous g-force limitations and a high level of stability.


In the commando-transport configuration, the Panther may carry up to 10 fully armed soldiers on board at a time in addition to the two pilots flying the aircraft. The main cabin can be rapidly reconfigured to conduct various roles, such as troop-transport, search and rescue, and MEDIVAC missions. Optional equipment includes a full medical suite, forward-looking infrared camera, emergency flotation, loudspeaker, variable-speed hoist, cargo sling, search light, and a stretcher-support structure.

AS565 Panther
AS565 Panther

Sensor and electronic systems

Various avionics are present upon the Panther; some variants are fitted with the advanced human-machine interface glass cockpit. It features the vehicle and engine multifunction display, integrated electronic standby instrument, usage monitoring system, traffic collision avoidance system, terrain awareness and warning system, and dedicated mission display coupled with a multi-sensor processor, a 4-axis automatic flight control system, flight management system, and an advanced search radar.

The principle element of anti submarine warfare configured Panthers is the Helicopter Long-Range Active Sonar, a dipping sonar equipped with a descending array of seven projection elements and a receiving array equipped with eight extending arms, which is capable of detecting submarines up to 500 meters below the water’s surface.

According to Airbus Helicopters, the Panther family has been qualified to operate from the flight decks of over 100 classes of NATO vessels, and complies with NATO standardization agreements. The compact size of the Panther has enabled the type to be operated from smaller ocean-going vessels such as corvettes.

AS565 Panther
AS565 Panther


AS565 Panther has been involved in the French Naval Aviation since 1993, dealing with increasing acts of piracy in the Gulf of Aden. Since 2008, the Panthers have been regularly deployed on many French frigates, which have been deployed to support of Operation Atalanta, a long term pan-European counter-piracy operation.

The Israeli Air Force opted to procure five AS565MA helicopters, locally designated as Atalef. They can be deployed on board the Israeli Navy’s Sa’ar 5-class corvettes when required. The AS565MA is the only rotorcraft in Israeli service capable of locating people at sea during day or night conditions, and can operate in nearly all sea conditions.

During the Gulf War, the Royal Saudi Navy engaged five Iraqi patrol boats using a number of Panther helicopters, a total of 15 AS15TT Anti-ship missiles were fired.

In 2014, the Indonesian Navy opted to procure 11 anti submarine warfare-equipped Panthers through Indonesian Aerospace. In the Asian market, the European-built Panther has had limited sales mainly due to export competition from the Chinese-built Harbin Z-9, itself a license-built derivative of the Dauphin alike to the Panther.

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