The Japanese Asahi class consists of two ships: the Asahi DD-119 and the Shiranui DD-120.

The increasingly complex combat environment, increasing non-traditional security issues, and increasing pressure on interests and territorial disputes in the region have forced Japan to strengthen its overall national strength, especially its military power at sea. Together with the modern surface warships of the Shirane, Asagiri, and Murasame classes, the Asahi-class destroyers will form the future Japanese sea-based steel punches.

The Japanese Asahi class consists of two ships: the Asahi DD-119 and the Shiranui DD-120. The ships were commissioned in 2018 and 2019, respectively. The class has a full load displacement of about 6,800 tons, a length of 151 m, a beam of 18.3 m, and a draft of 5.4 m.


The Asahi class is based on the existing Akizuki-class destroyer to reduce acquisition cost and allow future development and growth. Unlike the Akizuki class the Asahi class focuses on anti-submarine warfare. Another improvement over its predecessors is the adoption of the combined gas turbine electric and gas turbine: Its two General Electric LM2500 gas turbine connected to two 3,400 hp electric motors, allows it to reach a top speed of 30 knots. This allows the destroyer to be more fuel efficient than previous warships. More importantly, it provides sufficient power for current and future weapon systems.

In terms of weapon systems, the Asahi-class is fitted with a BAE Systems Mk45 mod 4 127mm main gun, 2x Raytheon Phalanx 20mm close-in weapon systems, 32x Mk41 VLS cells for RIM-162 ESSM SAM and Type 07 VL-ASROC Vertical Launch Anti-submarine rocket. Anti-ship weapon is 8 Type 90 Anti-ship missiles in quad canisters. Type 07 and Type 90 are both developed by Japan on the basis of reference to American technology. There are also 2x triple torpedo launchers.

The combat management system is the OYQ-13 Advanced Combat Direction System. The sensor suite consists in the FCS-3A AESA radar system, the OQQ-24 hull mounted sonar and the OQR-4 tactical towed array system. Asahi-class destroyers have a crew complement of 230 sailors and can embark one SH-60J/K helicopter for ASW.

The Japanese also tried to apply a series of new technologies in propulsion and construction materials to increase the ship’s stealth. The hull is applied with modern stealth technology solutions with the sides of the ship designed to be inclined at 10 degrees to minimize the radar cross-section. The ship is also coated with a special paint that is able to absorb electromagnetic waves and even reduce the radar cross-section by more than 70%.


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