ATMOS is a 155 mm self-propelled gun system manufactured by Israeli military manufacturer Soltam Systems.

ATMOS 2000 is considered the most effective self-propelled howitzer in the world today. According to Philippine blog MaxDefense, Elbit Systems Land & C4I has finally delivered the Soltam ATMOS 155mm/52cal self propelled howitzers and support equipment for the Philippine Army. The weapons that arrived in the country last December 28 are now scheduled for technical inspection this month prior to formal acceptance of the Army Artillery Regiment, Philippine Army spokesperson Col. Xerxes Trinidad said.

Accordingly, 12 self-propelled howitzers will provide the Army Artillery Regiment the “mobility with firepower”. It was acquired under a government-to-government setup under Horizon Two of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Program and is worth PHP2.4 billion (USD47.2 million). The weapons will augment the existing 155mm towed-howitzers being operated by the Army Artillery Regiment.

ATMOS Self Propelled Howitzer
ATMOS Self Propelled Howitzer

ATMOS is a 155 mm self-propelled gun system manufactured by Israeli military manufacturer Soltam Systems. The system is long range, fast moving, truck mounted with high firepower and mobility, rapid deployment, short response time, operable in all terrain areas. The system is integrated with a fully computerized system, providing an automatic control, accurate navigation and target acquisition. The Philippines’ 155mm system is the largest version of ATMOS.

Advanced fire control system of the ATMOS 2000 receives target information from forward observers. It includes navigation and aiming systems and ballistic computer. This artillery system can be airlifted with a C-130 Hercules tactical transport aircraft.

In Southeast Asia, ATMOS self-propelled artillery is being equipped with Thai artillery. A complete system weighs about 22 tons, with good maneuverability. It will be a great choice for countries with terrain conditions and facilities that only meet the weight and size limitations of traditional self-propelled artillery systems.

Currently, the Philippine Army owns 14 Soltam 155mm M-71 towed artillery; 12 x 155mm M114A1 and hundreds of 105mm towed artillery. ATMOS 2000 will contribute to improving the attack capacity of the Philippine Artillery, which can perform both ground attack and sea defense missions.


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