As of 2021, the Bangladeshi Army is ranked 45th out of 139 countries, according to globalfirepower.

The Bangladeshi army has a standing force of only about 160,000, and the reserve force is about 65,000. In total it has about 225,000 soldiers. Bangladesh has a total of 66 million people currently of military service age, and every year 3.3 million people are old enough for military service.

The military service regime in Bangladesh lasts from 1 to 3 years depending on the force. The age of military service of this country ranges from 19 to 49 years old.

Bangladesh’s defense budget accounts for 3% of its annual GDP. However, due to the poor economy, this figure is equivalent to about 3.2 billion USD per year. Meanwhile, Bangladesh’s arsenal is quite “poor” and not modernized.

Bangladeshi Military 2021
Bangladeshi Military 2021

That is not to mention that the Bangladeshi Army is receiving a lot of military assistance, and is a strategic partner of Britain, the US and Turkey.

Among the armies, the armored force possesses the most modern and synchronous equipment of Bangladesh, with more than 300 tanks and hundreds of armored vehicles of all kinds. Most of them are of Chinese origin, and the most modern is the MBT-2000 (VT-1A) tank.

However, Bangladesh has a relatively poor artillery force with around 300 units, mainly self-propelled artillery and multi-barrel launchers.

Bangladesh Air Force has a total manpower of about 14,000 people, with 157 aircraft of all kinds. The backbone of the country’s air force are F-7 fighters manufactured by China, with a payroll of more than 30 aircraft.

To enhance its air combat capabilities, the Bangladesh Air Force also equips new-generation fighters such as the MiG-29 or Su-30, but with negligible numbers.

Bangladesh Navy has a number of about 21,281 men with more than 70 ships and boats of all kinds, most of which are amphibious vessel and coastal patrol boats.

At 45th out of 139 globally rated military power, the Bangladeshi Military clearly possesses a foundation that does not deserve its potential, and completely incapable of defending itself in the event of an all-out war.

According to US media, in September 2020, US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper offered to help the South Asian nation modernize its military in the next 10 years.

Before that, the US and Bangladesh have started dialogue on contracts about advanced military equipment such as Apache helicopters and missiles. The two sides are said to have reached an agreement, but details have not been announced.


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