The birth of K-300P Bastion-P created a revolution in coastal defense missions. It helps countries that do not have a strong enough naval force can effectively prevent enemy attacks by sea.


One of the most important tasks of any coastal state is to protect its coast from enemy invasion. A reliable system to accomplish this task is coastal defense anti-ship missile systems. One of them is the Bastion-P system with supersonic cruise missiles.

Bastion-P, also known as K-300P, is a Russian-developed mobile coastal defense missile system. There are currently three countries possessing this type of missile system: Russia, Vietnam and Syria.

When talking about the Bastion-P missile system, Major General Anatoly Pozdeev, a missile expert, said the Bastion-P system is the achievement of the Russian missile industry. Pozdeev commented that the Bastion-P is the most modern and powerful defense system available today.

Bastion-P standard battery

The birth of K-300P Bastion-P created a revolution in coastal defense missions. It helps countries that do not have a strong enough naval force can effectively prevent enemy attacks by sea.

Each Bastion-P standard battery is made up of four units. The launch system consists of 4 K-340P self-propelled launchers, each carrying 2 launch tubes of Yakhont anti-ship missiles. Launcher vehicles based on the MZKT-7930 8×8 chassis each operated by a 3-man crew. In addition, there are one or two command vehicles K380R, launch-associated support vehicle, and four transloaders K342R.

Thanks to its special chassis, the Bastion-P combat components can be easily maneuvered on a variety of terrains. Bastion-P’s ability to deploy and withdraw in combat is assessed to be faster than the old-style coastal defense complexes. Upon halting, missiles can be readied for firing within five minutes, and both fired in 2 to 5 second intervals.

The mobile launcher can remain on active standby over a period of 3 to 5 days, or up to 30 days when accompanied by a combat duty support vehicle. The launch vehicle can be located 25 km from the command and control vehicles, and can operate independently if required.

Bastion-P was developed in the 1990s as a possible replacement for the 4K44 Redut system that was developed in the Soviet era. Bastion-P’s main role is to engage surface threats, including carrier groups, convoys and amphibious assault groups. The Russian coastal defense missile system uses P-800 Oniks, the export version being Yakhont. Each Bastion-P system can be armed with up to 36 missiles.

P-800 Oniks

P-800 Oniks is a supersonic anti-ship missile with a warhead of 200 to 250 kg (440 to 550 lb). Upon receiving the launch order, Oniks will activate the solid-fuel rocket booster to accelerate through the vertical launchers before opening the navigation wing system. The directional valves will be activated to help the missile itself stabilize and rotate in the expected launch direction.

At the cruise stage, the missile using a liquid fuel jet to fly continuously at Mach 2.5. The maximum range of Oniks varies from 120 to 300 km (65-162 nmi) using a low-low or hi-low flight trajectory respectively.

At the initial flight stage, Oniks use GLONASS to navigate. When approaching the target, the active radar will be activated. The missile can fly to an altitude of 14,000 m (46,000 ft) before descending to sea-skimming altitude of 5 m at the final stage, useful up to sea state 7.

Oniks anti-ship missiles are highly effective due to their high speed, complex flight trajectories that are difficult to intercept. It has a low radar cross section because it is covered with a layer of material that features radar absorption.

With the “fire and forget” feature, the missile hit the target completely automatically after receiving a fire command. This is a difference considered to be superior to previous-generation surface-to-surface missiles.

According to Defense Minister Shoigu, “These complexes are able to destroy both sea and ground targets at a distance of 350 kilometers at sea and almost 450 kilometers over land.” Military experts consider K-300P Bastion-P to be the most powerful coastal defense system in the world today.

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