KEMANKEŞ is described as a miniature intelligent cruise missile, introduced in April 2023.

Baykar Technology, manufacturer of attack and reconnaissance UAVs Bayraktar TB2, Bayraktar Akinci and Bayraktar Kızılelma. And to increase the firepower of its unmanned aerial vehicles, Kemankes was developed. KEMANKEŞ is described as a miniature intelligent cruise missile, introduced in April 2023.

KEMANKEŞ is really small – the weight is only 30 kg with a length of 1.73 m, and it is intended for defeating strategic targets in the deep rear of the enemy. Due to its small size and high speed, Kemankes will be a rather difficult target for air defense and will be able to “deliver” up to 6 kg of explosives to headquarters, radars, EW systems and other important enemy facilities at a distance of more than 200 km.

The mini intelligent cruise missile operates autonomously with an artificial intelligence-supported autopilot system, has an endurance of 1 hour, and its jet engine expands its effectiveness against critical targets behind enemy lines. The Artificial Intelligence Assisted Optical Guidance System delivers the ability to identify and engage targets with pinpoint accuracy, even under challenging conditions. Moreover, KEMANKEŞ is able to operate during the day and night and is durable against any attempts of electronic jamming due to its Anti-jamming capabilities.

KEMANKEŞ conducts all line-of-sight communications over the mian unmanned platform it is attached to. Accordingly, it can transmit telemetry data and video to the ground control station through the attached main platform. The missile is built according to a normal aerodynamic design with a low-mounted folding wing, an X-shaped tail and an additional fin-ridge on top. The length of the missile is 1.73 m, the height with a tail is 0.4 m, the span of the folding wing is 1.25 m. The cruising flight speed is 360 km/ h, the maximum speed is up to 720 km/ h, the ceiling is up to 6,000 m.

The missile has command guidance and is equipped with an electron-optical guidance head with a wide-field stable television camera with 36x magnification, combined with a laser rangefinder, and a two-way data transmission channel. The effective control range is up to 50 km, with plans to increase to 100 km. The operator is capable of both aiming the missile before hitting the target, and capturing the target, after which the missile follows the target in autonomous mode.

The greatest interest in the Kemankeş project is the basic concept, which involves combining the capabilities of a missile and a loitering munition. Both functions were implemented using the same components and without unnecessary complication of the rocket design, which made it possible to maintain the dimensions and weight of the product at an acceptable level.

The missile received a single optical system, which can be used as a reconnaissance tool and as a full-fledged seeker to hit a target. In this case, two operating modes of control systems are provided – remote control and autopilot. In the first case, the tasks of observation and search are actually assigned to the remote operator, thereby reducing the requirements for electronics. At the same time, automation is capable of solving the simpler task of tracking and hitting a selected target.

Baykar did not disclose a per unit price for the Kemankes. But a company engineer, told Defense News his team has tried to minimize the cost to “less than $20,000 per unit.” According to the manufacturer, Kemankeş had already reached the testing stage. Mass production is planned for next year. In addition, several modifications of this weapons. In the future, customers will be offered larger and heavier versions of Kemankeş with appropriate characteristics, as well as a ground-based missile system based on ready-made ammunition.

The development company expects that the Kemankeş product will be of interest to potential customers and will find a place in their arsenals. This should be facilitated by the special appearance of the missile and its advanced functions. However, first, Baikar Tech must complete tests and confirm the performance and declared characteristics. In this case, a missile with the functions of a loitering munition will really have a chance of success.


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