The Bayraktar TB2 marked the leap of the Turkish defense industry, now considered one of the most powerful UCAVs in the world.


The war between Armenia and Azerbaijan broke out in mid-July 2020 in the Nagorno-Karabakh territory saw the first mass-scale drone force. Many military experts predict that this will radically change the forms of war in the future.

During more than four months of fighting, the drones supplied to Azerbaijan by Turkey and Israel wiped out tanks, artillery, and soldiers on the Armenian side, giving the Azerbaijan side the upper hand on the battlefield. Among these were Turkish unmanned combat aerial vehicle Bayraktar TB2.

Bayraktar TB2
Bayraktar TB2


Bayraktar TB2 has a length of 6.5m (21 ft), a wingspan of 12m (39 ft), a maximum takeoff weight of 650kg (1,430 lb), a payload of 150kg (330 lb).

Public images of the TB2 show that the UCAV is a monocoque design, integrating an inverted V-tail structure. The straight wing mainplanes positioned at midships and aft of a sleek nosecone assembly. The fuselage is made of carbon fibre, Kevlar and hybrid composites, whereas the joint segments constitute precision computer numerical control machined aluminium parts.


Bayraktar TB2 is equipped with a Rotax 912 Internal Combustion Engine with Injection, producing 100 horsepower. The UCAV has a top speed of 220 km/h (120 knots), cruise speed 130 km/h (70 knots), a range of 150 km (81 nmi), service ceiling of 8,200 m (27,000 feet), and an endurance of 27 hours.


As an unmanned combat aerial vehicle, the TB2 is equipped with a pair of hard points under the wings. It can carry a variety of weapons, including Anti-Tank Guided Missiles as well as Laser-Guided Bombs.

In addition to the ability to self-designate and strike at ground targets, the series has also been used to laser-designate missile targets for Turkish Army attack helicopters like the American-made HueyCobra.

A complete Bayraktar TB2 system consists of 6 UAVs, 2 ground control stations, 3 ground data terminals, 2 remote video terminals and ground support equipment. Bayraktar TB2 is considered one of the most powerful UCAVs in the world.


(Source: Wikipedia)

General Characteristics

  • Crew: 0 onboard, 3 in ground station
  • Length: 6.5 m (21 ft)
  • Wing Span: 12 m (39 ft)
  • Max Take Off Weight: 650 kg (1,430 lb)
  • Payload: 150 kg (330 lb)
  • Powerplant: 1 x 100 Hp Internal Combustion Engine with Injection
  • Fuel Capacity: 300 litres (79 US gal)
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline


  • Maximum Speed: 120 knots (220 km/h)
  • Cruise Speed: 70 knots (130 km/h)
  • Range: 150 km (81 nmi)
  • Communication Range: Line-of-sight propagation
  • Service Ceiling: 27,000 feet (8,200 m)
  • Operational altitude: 18,000 feet (5,500 m)
  • Endurance: 27 hours



  • Interchangeable EO/IR/LD imaging and targeting sensor systems or Multi Mode AESA Radar:
    • Aselsan CATS EO/IR/LD imaging and targeting sensor (Current production)
    • WESCAM MX-15D EO/IR/LD imaging and targeting sensor (Production till October 2020)


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