The Rafale would be a cheaper and more reliable option for the Swiss Air Force.

The F-35 is also considered a top candidate as it is the only fifth generation fighter produced in Western countries. It is equipped with advanced avionics and stealth capabilities that surpass its competitors. Despite the advantages of the American fighter, it is increasingly reported that the Swiss Federal Council will announce the French Rafale as the winner of this competition at the end of June.

Both the F-35 and the F-18E faced significant opposition from Swiss officials. The reason is that the US has imposed many strict provisions on how the aircraft can be used, while France has not. The purchase of the F-35 will tie Switzerland closely to the US defense sector. F-35 stealth fighters will be networked with management facilities in the US, will have to provide information about its routine operations and send data back to the US for tracking.

Dassault Rafale
Dassault Rafale

Rafale’s compatibility with the SkyView aerial surveillance system that Switzerland recently acquired from France is another reason for the country to choose Rafael. However, the Rafale is the only fighter jet that is not compatible with American missiles such as the AIM-9 or AIM-120, which means that Switzerland will have to eliminate its entire existing arsenal if it chooses French fighters.

While the F-35 is generally a much more modern fighter than the Rafale by most parameters, the French jet has a number of advantages including much lower operating costs, lower maintenance requirements, and superior long-range air-to-air Meteor missiles. However, with the F-35 already in mass production, and expected to continue to be upgraded over the next several decades, the F-35 is likely to last considerably longer before needing replacement.

Although the F-35 is more advanced, it still has a lot of problems to solve, and is still a long way from reaching perfect combat readiness. The Rafale would therefore be a cheaper and more reliable option for the Swiss Air Force.


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