To date there is no official information confirmed by the Czech Government the delivery of the BM-21MT to Ukraine.

In April 2022, the Czech Republic became the first country to send heavy combat vehicles to Kiev. In addition, this is also the first country to supply the Mil Mi-24V combat helicopter from the arsenal of the Czech Air Force. According to Ukraine Weapon Tracker on April 29, 2023, the Czech Republic had previously revealed the possibility of transferring to Ukraine the BM-21MT multiple launch rocket system.

To date there is no official information confirmed by the Czech Government the delivery of the BM-21MT to Ukraine, but since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, Prague has supplied Kiev with a large number of RM-70 VAMPIR MLRSs. According to the images shared on social networks, it seems that the Ukrainian Artillery has received the Czech BM-21MT 122mm systems, and deployed to the frontline.

The BM-21MT MLRS system is a modernized version of the BM-21, produced by the Excalibur Army company. The BM-21MT was first introduced in June 2017 during the IDET defense exhibition held in the city of Brno, Czech Republic. The BM-21MT MRL is mounted on the Tatra T815-7T3R2T 4×4 chassis. Excalibur Army manufactures a variety of armored rocket launchers. The Czech systems are built on a unique Tatra chassis that allows it to pass through very difficult terrain. The vehicles are equipped with a fire-control system – a computer system, inertial navigation, and a communication system – which increase productivity when performing individual tasks and coordinating the actions of a number of artillery units.

The BM-21MT has 40 launch tubes for 122 mm rockets. It fires the same rockets as the RM-70 Vampir and BM-21 Grad. These are standard 122 mm artillery rockets. A standard HE-FRAG rocket is 2.87 m long and weights 66.35 kg. Its warhead weights 18.4 kg. Maximum range of fire is 20 km. Rockets with various warheads are available, including incendiary, smoke, illumination warheads. Also there are cluster warheads with anti-tank or anti-personnel submunitions, as well as specialized warheads. It takes 20 seconds to launch a full salvo of 40 rockets.

The cabin is armored for a crew of 3 or 4 soldiers. Maximum level is against 7.62 mm rounds and 6 kg mine blast anywhere under the hull. The add-on armor kit can be removed at any time. The main role of this artillery system is to engage area targets. It is extremely effective against concentrations of troops and armored vehicles, artillery batteries and other targets.

Compared to the BM-21, the upgraded Czech version enhances firing efficiency, improves accuracy and reduces the time required to prepare and leave firing position. The primary focus was on automating and simplifying the launch and control of effective fire missions, resulting in a fully autonomous system capable of immediate response without the need for integration within separate firing units or elements.

The BM-21MT is based on a Tatra T815-7 series tactical truck with 4×4 configuration for good cross-country mobility. It is powered by Tatra’s T3C-928-8T air cooled turbocharged diesel engine, developing 362 hp, coupled to a 7-speed semi-automatic transmission. Vehicle is fitted with a central tyre inflation system, which further improves mobility over difficult terrain.

Currently, the Czech Republic is one of the most active donors to Ukraine, mainly weapons developed during the Soviet era. Prague plans to get rid of the obsolete equipment, hand it over to the Ukrainian army and replace them with more modern Western weapons.


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