Boragh is an armored personnel carrier manufactured by Iran.

It was developed as an upgraded and reverse engineered version of the Chinese Type 86, itself a copy of the Soviet BMP-1. Boragh is mainly serving in Iran’s armed forces, and some has been exported to Sudan and has proven its worth in this civil war. In Sudan Boragh is known as Khatim.

Boragh’s development began in 1986 with the first prototype completed in 1987. This design was subsequently adopted and first production Boraq vehicles were completed in 1997. The Iranian Defense Industries Corporation also referred to the Boragh as an infantry support vehicle.

Boragh’s design inherits the characteristics of the Chinese Type 86. The main difference is that the Boragh has a simple 12.7 mm machine gun cupola and its road wheels are similar to those of the US M113 APC, which is used in large numbers in Iran. The upgrades include a reduction in weight, a higher road speed, and stronger armor. The vehicle is fully amphibious and is fitted with an NBC protection system and infra-red night vision equipment.

According to Iran, the hull of the Boraq APC is of all-welded steel armour which provides protection against 7.62 and 12.7 mm small arms fire and shell splinters. Some sources claim that its add-on armor withstands 30 mm armor-piercing projectiles. The vehicle can lay its own smoke screen by injecting diesel fuel into the exhaust outlet.

It has a crew of three (driver, commander and gunner), and can transport up to 8 infantry soldiers. The rear troop compartment is fitted with two roof hatches for observation purposes. Either side of the troop section is provided with three firing ports, and the roof is fitted with day periscopes. The firing ports allow the troops to fire their weapons from inside of the vehicle.

Boragh’s main armament consists of the DShK 1938/46 12.7 mm heavy machine gun on a rotatable mount. Some vehicles have the machine gun mount protected all around by an armoured shield. It was reported that three additional variants were produced. These are a 120 mm mortar carrier, an ammunition resupply vehicle, and an armoured personnel carrier (APC) fitted with improved armaments.

Boragh is equipped with an air-cooled turbocharged V-8 diesel engine that produces 330 hp at 2,300 rpm, slightly more powerful than the Chinese APC. It is thought that this diesel engine may be of Chinese origin. The vehicle can reach a top road speed of 65 km/h, and has a range of 550 km.

Boragh weighs about 13 tons, lighter than the Russian and Chinese IFVs because its turret has been removed. This APC is fully amphibious with the minimum of preparation, being propelled in the water by its tracks.


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