On 21 July 2022, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced a new military aid package for Ukraine, notably 36 105mm L119 lightweight howitzers for Kiev.

Currently Ukrainian gunners are being trained in the UK from the end of May 2022. After the training is completed, the UK will transfer this artillery to Ukraine. It is expected that this type of artillery is being prepared to be supplied to the Ukrainian army to strengthen its resistance against the Russian army.

The L119 105mm gun is capable of providing either direct fire support at armored vehicles or buildings or indirect fire in support of the combat arms at ranges in excess of 10 km. During the war between Britain and Argentina over the Falkland Islands dispute in 1982, Britain used 30 guns of this type with a firing rate of up to 400 rounds / each / per day. This was also the first time the L119 entered the war.

In 1987, the US reached an agreement with the UK on a license to produce an improved version of this gun to replace the 105 mm M102. The US designated this gun as M119. The M119/L119 is basically a tow gun, with the primary mission of supporting infantry forces.

Guns are towed by trucks or high-speed off-road vehicles. The L119 can also be airlifted by UH-60 or CH-47 helicopters, or dropped by parachute. The L119 weighs about 2 tons, is compatible with all standard NATO 105 mm ammunition, of which the M913 HERA has the longest range of 19.5 km.

L119 uses 105mm caliber with a maximum range of up to 19,500 m. The maximum rate of fire is up to 8 rounds per minute. However, when firing at top speed, it can only last for a maximum of 3 minutes – that is, about 24 rounds before needing to rest to cool the barrel as well as the entire system structure.

Full combat crew from 5 to 7 people. So far, there have been 3 versions of M119 developed including M119A1/A2/A3. In 2009, the US deployed the M119A2 to the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq to participate in the war. Here they have proven their effectiveness and capacity.


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