Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Revolutionary Music

War was a part of history, and in each period Revolutionary Music appeared as a spiritual remedy to encourage the morale of soldiers.

Revolutionary music, also known as red music, is a song about the revolution and related to the arduous wars all over the world. Each revolutionary song is associated with a historical period of a nation. The melodious tunes between the bombarded plots have strengthened the solidarity, strengthened the footsteps of the soldier, and strengthened the confidence in those waiting in the rear.

The main theme of revolutionary music is about love for the homeland. Magnificent tunes, lyrics imbued with nationalism and revolutionary heroism. Although old, but it cannot be denied that each revolutionary song is like a picture that reproduces the beauty of people, homeland and country. It could be the brave soldiers on the battlefield, the old mothers waiting for their children to win the war, maybe the immense fields with the wings flying, …

Although some young people are less popular, but that does not mean that revolutionary music completely disappears in the hearts of music lovers. The powerful rhythms of revolutionary music convey national traditions and patriotism. Many revolutionary songs today are sung in a new style, a new remix. This is the adaptation to better serve the discerning listeners.

I believe that revolutionary music still has its own vitality and keeps the audience who love true music, and still lives among the young. They may not hear much but still understand this music. This is a new category of, I hope you enjoy it. I’m Dung Tran and I love you guys. If you have any contributions, don’t hesitate to contact me: [email protected]

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