According to a latest report, a Chinese CH-4B drone was discovered in Balochistan.

The CH-4 drone was once considered a Chinese version of the US UAV MQ-1 Predator; however, the Chinese media has always praised the CH-4 as superior in every way to the MQ-1. According to a latest report, a Chinese CH-4B drone was discovered in Balochistan. The Pakistani Army Is Using Them To Crush Rebellion. Pakistan is the latest country to use CH-4B combat UAVs originating from China to hunt down Baloch rebels.

According to eurasiantimes, Pakistan launched a large-scale military offensive against Baloch rebels in the Bolan region earlier this month. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), fighter jets, and Gunship helicopters, along with SSG Commandos, were deployed. In the past few years, the Pakistani Army has increased the use of combat UAVs in real combat. Most of them are supplied by China and Turkey. Pakistan received five Cai Hong 4, or CH-4 multirole medium-altitude long-endurance UAVs from China in January 2021. At the time, it was not revealed which variant of the CH-4 drone was acquired by Islamabad. However, later reports suggested it was the CH-4B variant.

The CH-4 UAV series is developed by China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics, with a wide range of sensor options. The standard CH-4A, which has a flight endurance of 30 hours and is primarily designed for reconnaissance missions, and the strike-capable CH-4B, which can carry a 345-kilogram weapon payload but has a shorter flight endurance of 14 hours.

It can be seen that the CH-4 looks almost identical to General Atomics’ MQ-9 Reaper and the only visual difference between the two UAVs is that the ventral fin below the V-tail on the MQ-9 is absent on the CH-4. The CH-4B is a mixed attack and reconnaissance system with provisions for 6 weapons. The UAV can carry Lan Jian 7 laser-guided air-to-surface missiles, TG100 guided bombs, and the HJ-10 anti-tank missile – the Chinese version of the Hellfire missile.

Pakistan’s deployment of combat drones against Baloch insurgents is yet another example of militaries turning to drones for combat after watching the deployment of UAVs in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. The conflict has led to a proliferation of drones. Pakistan is slated to receive Bayraktar Akinci and TB2 drones from its ally Turkey.


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