At least 27 of the approximately 50 Z-10 attack helicopters have been mobilized by China for an unusual military operation near the island of Taiwan.

In the context of tensions surrounding Taiwan and the Asia tour of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, China has mobilized a large number of Z-10 attack helicopters to show its prestige. According to the published image, it can be seen that at least 27 Chinese Z-10 attack helicopters have been deployed to show respect to Taiwan, a territory China claims to be an inseparable part.

According to Chinese sources, the country’s air force currently has about 50 of these attack helicopters in service. This unusual military activity is a hot signal from China to the US. Chinese President Xi Jinping once warned the US, “don’t play with fire,” on the Taiwan issue, when talking to US President Joe Biden on July 28.

Despite being promoted by China as the world’s best attack helicopter, the Z-10 has so far failed to find customers, even though it is cheaper than both Russian and American products. Although China has said that it will give three Z-10s to Pakistan if it buys this attack helicopter, Islamabad ultimately chose the US AH-1Z helicopter after studying Chinese weapons.

Considered the pride of China’s helicopter industry, the Z-10 is a modern attack helicopter equipped with infrared equipment, cannons, anti-tank missiles, and air-to-air missiles. For many years, China promoted this product as a completely domestic product. For the first time, however, the veil of truth was revealed. It turned out that Russia was the author of the first drawings to form the Chinese Z-10 attack helicopter.

Project 941 drawing image is completely similar to Z-10. Kamov Helicopter Design Institute, Russia, designed this helicopter. This information was revealed by Kamov at the Heli-Expo 2013 trade show taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada of the United States. The chief designer of the Kamov Helicopter Design Bureau, Sergey Mikheev, said that in 1995, Kamov developed a preliminary design of a 6-ton attack helicopter on order from the Chinese government.

Kamov’s chief designer also said that his design department developed a project called Project 941. Its design was not based on any previous Soviet helicopter project but was designed entirely according to China’s unique requirements. After the Kamov Helicopter Design Bureau completed the design of project 941, the Russian Helicopter Design Bureau confirmed this design through testing, and then provided it to China. From these detailed design drawings, China has successfully developed the modern attack helicopter Z-10.

Z-10 is equipped with systems: Infrared, GPS global positioning, radar, electro-optical camera, and so on. Especially the target display glass on the pilot’s helmet, making aiming and tracking more effective. Z-10 is made of special composite materials, capable of absorbing radar waves, reducing the possibility of being detected in combat.

The cockpit glass of the WZ-10 is protected against 7.62mm bullets, while the armor under the cabin is resistant to 12.7mm bullets of anti-aircraft guns. In addition, under each pilot seat, there is an escape launch system. China is continuing mass production of this attack helicopter and has already deployed a number of combat-ready Z-10 units.


  1. I think that the number of Zhi-10 attack helicopters in the Chinese PLA Army Aviation is between 180 and 240 (depending on sources that are used). They are still being built because they are a modern and effective design.

    The slightly smaller and lighter Zhi-19 is also used by the PLA Army Aviation, around 200 according to the source I used.


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