The Chinese media is actively reporting on the situation related to the US F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter program in a not-so-positive direction.

Recently, it was reported that the US is trying to reduce the cost of the F-35 stealth fighter program as part of the overall optimization of the defense budget.

However, instead of reducing, the cost of operating F-35 fighters increased, errors continued to occur, the US press commented.

The Chinese newspaper Sina examined the above situation for the controversial fifth-generation fighter from its inception and noted something strange:

Why did the problems with the F-35 only begin to be discussed by the authorities and the US Army Command after the delivery of more than 600 aircraft and a total flight time of 400,000 hours?

The US-made F-35s have experienced real combat, they are exported, flying time is up to hundreds of thousands of hours… And suddenly the leaders started talking about reducing the cost of the program.

Recall the crash with the F-35 in Japan, the cause of which is still not fully declassified. Neither Tokyo nor Washington intend to speak out, although they have joined a joint investigation with the best experts.

If an exact technical error occurs in the oxygen supply to the pilot, this will lead to damage to the manufacturer, because up to now, the modernization of the said system has not been carried out.

In the past, pilots have complained of a lack of oxygen while flying. The Japanese did not comment for two reasons: “Do not offend strategic partners” and “do not question their military pilot training”.

The Chinese press emphasized that it was the US who spoke of the F-35 as “the best fighter in the world”, while in the end they turned it from a fighter “into a bomber or an attack aircraft”.

It is in this role that the F-35 has been used by the Israeli Air Force in the Syrian battlefield, when it destroys ground targets rather than shooting down enemy aircraft.

The fact that it is not used for interception as originally designed for a number of reasons, especially focusing on financial factors and because of its “suspicious air superiority”, the Sina newspaper concluded.

However, it must also be mentioned that the F-35 is still considered a multi-role fighter, that is, in addition to the air combat mission, it also has the function of destroying ground and surface targets.

The F-35’s “beast” configuration when it hangs its weapons outside, accepting the sacrifice of stealth is already in the design. That is, it is not surprising that the Lightning II takes on the role of bomber.

With a weapon weight of up to nearly 10 tons in the above mode, the combat payload of the F-35 despite being a light fighter, 25% higher than the Russian Su-34 Fullback front-line bomber.


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