The new Chinese fighter is practically similar in design to the Russian Su-47 fighter

Airshow China 2021 was held from September 28 to October 3 in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, southern China, attracting the participation of about 700 companies from nearly 40 countries and territories. A new fighter model has caught the attention of military aficionados, believed to be China’s first carrier-based sixth-generation fighter.

The new Chinese fighter is practically similar in design to the Russian Su-47 fighter, which never entered production. According to, the images introduced by the local media show that the new fighter has a very futuristic design. This is probably the reason to call this fighter model the 6th generation.

Based on the revealed images, it can be seen that this could be a design using stealth technologies. The fighter is quite compact in size and can be controlled by the pilot or in unmanned mode. According to sources, China has shown quite a bit of interest in the Russian Su-47 Berkut fighter with its forward-swept wing design. This is probably the reason for the Chinese military to use this design as a prototype for the 6th generation fighter.

The Russian super fighter Su-47, with its unique design, has superior maneuverability and excellent combat ability, but the Berkut failed to be mass-produced due to its high cost and high technical requirements. According to Aviations Militaires, the idea of ​​Su-47 originated from the Soviet seizure of a prototype forward-swept wing bomber named Ju-287 of Nazi Germany at the end of World War II. This aircraft made Soviet engineers consider designing a fighter with wings different from the rest.

Due to technological limitations and expensive costs in the context of the Russian economy facing many difficulties, the Su-47 was not mass-produced, making it one of the aircraft models that most Russians regret. Today, the OKB Sukhoi Aviation Research Center still uses a single prototype to test modern technologies, and then deploys them on the PAK-FA stealth aircraft project – the 5th generation Su-57.


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