At the 2014 Zhuhai Airshow, China shocked the world by displaying a mock-up of a supersonic anti-ship cruise missile, designated CX-1

When the CX-1 missile was introduced by China and appeared at the exhibition, and the PJ-10 BrahMos missile was also there. This made India extremely angry when it said that it had been surpassed by Russia. Before India’s reaction, Mr. Vassily Kashin – an expert at the Center for Analysis of Strategy and Technology based in Moscow had to immediately explain to reassure their No. 1 partner.

According to Kashin, China’s CX-1 is only partly based on the Yakhont anti-ship missile, and he asserted: “Russia does not sell this missile to China or provide enough technical data for China to build.” That may reassure India somewhat, but it is unlikely that New Delhi’s potential partners who intend to order BrahMos missiles feel secure.

CX-1 missile and Brahmos
CX-1 missile and Brahmos

Indian customers fear that Beijing has somehow stolen the technology of the Yakhont missile, making the advantage of secrecy in the tactical performance of this weapon no longer available. China even announced that the CX-1 would be the main weapon for the most powerful destroyers of its navy in the future, including the modernized Sovremenny class, Type 052C, or even Type 052D.

After that noisy debut, the CX-1 was almost forgotten and disappeared quietly, there is no information that it has been completed to put into combat. The ships that are expected to be equipped with CX-1 are also armed with other weapons, that is, YJ-12A for Sovremenny, YJ-62 equipped for Type 052C, and Type 052D has successfully tested YJ-18 (a copy of the 3M-54E Kalibr).

This has led military analysts to conclude that China has used its famous diversionary tactic, intentionally bringing to the show a bogus weapon. It is mainly intended to confuse its biggest rival in the Asia-Pacific, India, and make India’s allies suspicious, leading to delay, even cancellation of the intention to buy BrahMos missiles.

In fact, after that event for quite a long time, India missed many BrahMos missile export contracts for very mysterious reasons. Customers suddenly showed a lack of interest, even though they were eager to buy.


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