The Chinese Navy announced that two Type 075 class amphibious assault ships, Hainan and Guangxi, have reached combat readiness.

According to the Global Times, the two ships have completed training tests focusing on core competencies such as troop transport and defense. The ships conducted live-fire drills to assess the ability to use weapons. During the test, the formation of 2 ships also intercepted the missile and completed the air defense test.

The Guangxi is ready for combat less than a year after its commissioning. The Hainan and Guangxi ships were commissioned in April and December 2021, respectively. Chinese military experts believe that these ships are fully capable of combat is an important step forward for the military to gain valuable experience for the next ships, significantly shortening the testing time.

In addition to these two ships, the third ship, the Anhui, with hull number 33, was also commissioned in November 2022. Analysts say that the commissioning and combat capability of three ships in less than two years shows China’s urgency in developing advanced weapons. Type 075 is China’s largest amphibious assault ship with a displacement of 40,000 tons and can carry 30 helicopters. Each ship can carry 35 amphibious vehicles and 1,000 soldiers. The Chinese Navy is said to have planned to build five more Type 075 ships.

A report by China Central Television said, a task force consisting of a Type 075 amphibious assault ship and an aircraft carrier will have very strong capabilities in amphibious assault as well as seizing air superiority and control of the sea. In an amphibious assault group consisting of a Type 075 amphibious assault ship and a Type 071 amphibious landing ship. The Type 075 can serve as the core force, while the Type 071 can take up amphibious transport missions.

A Type 075 can also act as a command ship and the hub of a flotilla consisting of other non-amphibious warships, as they will form a maritime-air joint operational capability. Just like an aircraft carrier, an amphibious assault ship will not be working alone in combat and will be accompanied by other vessels in a flotilla. Combat vessels like destroyers and frigates will provide escort, auxiliary vessels like comprehensive replenishment ships will provide support, and aircraft carriers and additional amphibious vessels will provide extra capabilities.


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