At Airshow China 2022, China introduced the SR-5 Multiple launch rocket system, which is considered to be comparable to the American Himars.

The SR-5 was developed by China’s Norinco, and was first introduced at the IDEX-2013 exhibition. It is designed to provide fire support to ground forces, preventing large-scale enemy attacks.

Fundamentally, the SR-5 is similar to the American HIMARS. SR5 weighs 25 tons, the entire artillery system is placed on Taian heavy truck chassis with 6×6 configuration. The SR5 is equipped with a Deutz diesel engine with a capacity of 517 horsepower that allows the vehicle to travel at a maximum speed of 85 km/h, and a range of 600 km.

Modular interchangeable rocket pods. The launch vehicle has a built-in crane and can be loaded without external assistance. However, the Chinese SR-5 has two missile pods instead of a single one, so it has almost twice the firepower of the HIMARS. One pod has six 220mm rockets in the ready-to-launch position, while the other pod has 20 of 122mm guided or unguided rockets in the ready-to-launch position.

The SR5 is able to carried a total of 12 rds of 220mm rockets as a full-load and can realize single shot or continuous fire for multi-targets as per the combat requirements. It can accurately strike static or moving targets. The powered launcher station has an elevation from 0 to 60° and a maximum traverse of 70°. In the firing position, two stabilizers are lowered to the ground at the rear of the truck chassis to provide a more stable firing platform.

Rockets are fitted with various warheads, including HE-FRAG, incendiary, smoke and illumination. Also there are cargo warheads with anti-tank or pre-fragmented anti-personnel submunitions. Some rockets have a GPS guidance for precision strikes. Over time new rocket types and even missiles and loitering munitions were incorporated into the SR-5 artillery system. Notably it can fire C-705 anti-ship missiles with a range of 140-170 km, and King Dragon 300 short-range ballistic missiles, similar to the US MGM-140 ATACMS. Also it is capable of launching loitering munitions with a maximum range of up to 70 km. These are being launched from 220 mm pods.

The SR5 can also fire standard 122mm HE (High Explosive) rocket shell and BRE1 122mm HE rocket shell. The 122mm rocket shell with 40 km range is used to strike and annihilate hostile area and point targets at long distance and attack armoured targets as well as effectiveness. It can be fired also by Russian-made BM-21 and Chinese MLRS Type 81, 90B, and SR5. The BRE1 122mm rocket shell is similar to the standard 122mm rocket shell but has a maximum range of 50 km.

The SR5 has a dual cabin and can carry 5 people. It can stop and launch rockets within 5 minutes from travelling. Vehicle can leave firing position within 1 minute, which makes it harder to hit by counter-battery fire. The vehicle can climb 60% slopes, overcome 0.6 m high vertical obstacles and cross 1.2 m deep trenches. The SR-5 is in service with Algeria, Bahrain, Venezuela and possibly some other countries.


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