Recently, Chinese media has published sharp and clear images of the Type 039C submarine – the country’s most mysterious electric-diesel submarine class

According to what has been revealed, the Type 039C diesel-electric submarine has an angular sail, as previously leaked information. This design is said to be a copy of the Swedish A26 submarine. However, no A26 has actually been born yet, it’s all just on the design drawings.

The unique design of the sail, which is said to increase hydrodynamics, allows the submarine to dive at a higher-than-normal speed. In addition, this design will also minimize the noise of the submarine, helping to increase its stealth. The difficulty in this design is to find the optimal tilt angle for each type of submarine, but it seems that China has solved this complex problem.

Chinese Type 039C submarine
Chinese Type 039C submarine

Previously, the Type 039C submarine was tested on the Yangtze River, but the images at that time were still not detailed enough. As usual, despite being fully exposed, the weapon configuration of China’s submarines remains a secret. Rated as China’s most modern diesel-electric submarine today, the Type 039C is upgraded from the Type 039A/B version – which has been extremely successful in the service of this force.

With the ability of its shipbuilding industry, China is expected to soon successfully build a fleet of modern diesel-electric submarines, enough to scare off neighboring countries in East Asia. China’s only weakness is geographically, because the waters around Japan, Korea or Taiwan are not deep enough, making it difficult for Chinese submarines to penetrate undetected.

In shallow waters, small diesel-electric submarines have proven to be more effective than nuclear submarines. However, with the anti-submarine warfare capabilities of Japan and South Korea, it will still create a barrier for Beijing’s submarine fleet. Currently, China has a fleet of 66 submarines, including both nuclear-powered and diesel-electric submarines. It is also the country with the largest submarine fleet in East Asia.


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