Russia’s Zvezda TV channel showed a video showing a close-up of two Russian attack helicopters used in Ukraine.

Through the video shared by Zvezda television, two models of killer helicopters used by the Russian Army in Ukraine are Mi-28N and Ka-52. Both are known as “tank killers” of the Russian Air Force.

With the Russian Mi-28N armed helicopter model, this is a helicopter designed purely for attack purposes. Meanwhile, Ka-52 has an extremely unique coaxial design.

Each Mil Mi-28N combat helicopter possesses a rather massive size, with a length of 17.01m, a wingspan of 17.20m, a height of 3.82m, providing up to 11.5 tons of maximum payload, including 2 crew.

In terms of armament, the Mil Mi-28N is designed to carry up to 2.3 tons of weapons, including bombs, rockets, missiles and gun mounts. It is armed with a 30mm Shipunov 2A42 aviation cannon with 300 rounds under the nose.

As for the Ka-52 military helicopter, which is a two-man military helicopter of the Russian Air Force, they are also known by the nickname “Crocodile”.

Ka-52 is armed to the teeth with about 2 tons of weapons of all kinds.

The weapon system of the Ka-52 includes a 30mm 2A42 automatic gun with 460 rounds of ammunition, in addition to 6 hard points, equipped with up to 4 Vikhir-1 or Shturm-BU series anti-tank missiles.

As for the Vikhir-1 anti-tank missile, it possesses a double explosive armor-piercing warhead, capable of penetrating 900mm thick steel, with a maximum range of up to 8km.

If equipped with the Shturm-BU anti-tank missile line, this is a somewhat lighter missile line than the Vikhir-1 that helps Ka-52 attack helicopters increase its maneuverability, but will has a bit of a limitation when it only reaches a maximum range of about 5km, the destructive power is also less, reaching about 560mm of steel, but if it is against medium and light armored vehicles, it is still very optimal.

It can be said that both Russian helicopters possess strong combat capabilities, especially for anti-tank warfare, suitable for the current situation of the conflict between Russia – Ukraine.


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