The Comandanti-class incorporates low radar and infrared signatures

The Italian Navy operates four Comandanti-class patrol vessels, built by Fincantieri, with the last, the Commandante Foscari, being commissioned in 2004. They serve as coastal patrol and traffic control, cargo and surveillance in immigration control.

The Comandanti-class is built to meet the requirements of long- and medium-range patrol and the vessel carries fuel and stores for an endurance of ten days. The ship operates with a crew of 80 with eight officers. The overall length is 88.40m and the full load displacement is 1,520t. The maximum sustained speed is over 25kt and the ship has a range of 3,500nm. The propulsion system is based on two GM Trieste Wartsila W18-V 26 XIV diesels engines, developing 13.2MW, and three Isotta Fraschini 1712 T2 ME diesel generators, providing 900kW of power each. The engines drive two shafts with constant pitch propellers.


The ship’s main gun is an Oto Melara 76mm gun installed on the forward gun deck. The gun is controlled by a Selex NA-25 radar and optronic fire control system which is based on the RTN-25X X-band radar. The naval ships also have two Oto Melara 25mm guns.

The ship has a stern, a mirror, a flight deck with access to hangar. It can easily accommodate AB212 and NH90 helicopters. The unique design of the Cigala’s hull, superstructure and the tree has reduced the thermal and electromagnetic signatures. The design also aims to reduce the craft’s radar signature. This allows the ship to carry out a variety of tasks ranging from patrolling traffic control surveillance to checking sea waters for illegal immigration.


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