Comparing the army of the two countries, Russia has a military force of up to 3,508,000 people, while that of Ukraine is more than 1,190,000 people.

For the main battle tank, in this factor Russia continues to outperform Ukraine, not in terms of quality. Russia owns 20,720 tanks of all kinds, while Ukraine has just over 2,060 tanks. Russia is the nation with the largest tank and armored force in the world.

Russia’s most modern main battle tank is the T-14 Amarta, with 220 units, followed by T-90 tanks with 550 units, upgraded T-80 with 3,450 units. The largest number is the T-72, with 8,900 units. There are also many types of tanks from the Soviet era such as T-64, T-62, T-55 and tank support vehicle BMTP.

T-14 Amarta
T-14 Amarta

For Ukraine, its main battle tank is the T-80 with 130 units, followed by the older generation tanks inherited from the Soviet era, such as the T-72 with 630 units, the T-64 with more than 1,300 vehicles. Although there are many modifications from Soviet-era tanks, the Ukrainian tanks are fundamentally not a worthy competitor of Russia.

In the field of armed helicopters to support infantry, Russia continues to outperform Ukraine. Russia has 524 helicopters of all kinds in the army, while Ukraine has only 137. Russia’s main combat helicopter is the Ka-50/52 with 112 aircraft, followed by the Mi-24/35 with 330 aircraft, and the older one is the Mi-28 with 82 aircraft. Ukraine’s strongest combat helicopter is Mi-24/35 with 113 aircraft, the rest is Mi-14 with 17 aircraft.

Russian artillery also outperformed Ukraine, with more than 15,500 artillery of all kinds. Meanwhile, Ukraine had just over 1,500 cannons. That is not to mention the combat experience of the soldiers: Russia has a lot of experience in wars.

In Russia’s payroll, the most famous guns are the 122mm D-30 towed howitzer. The multiple rocket launcher system has 4,000 vehicles of all kinds, the most famous of which are the Tornado-G, BM-30 Smerch and BM-27 Uragan. Finally there are 6,500 self-propelled guns, the most famous being the 2S19 Msta and the 2S3 Akatsiya, and especially the 2S4 Tuylip.

The Ukrainian artillery force still mainly used artillery from the Soviet era with more modest numbers, including 520 towed howitzers, 380 rocket launcher systems, with the most powerful being the BM-30 Smerch. Ukraine’s self-propelled gun is 600 units with the most powerful being the 155mm Bohdana.

Helicopters support, including surveillance, transport, search and rescue, and special forces landing. Ukraine still lags behind Russia, with a modest number of 90 helicopters of all kinds, while Russia has more than 1,500 units.

For armored combat vehicles, Russia owns up to 28,000 armored vehicles of all kinds, Ukraine is nearly half with 12,000 vehicles. Armored vehicles of Russia and Ukraine are derived from the BTR and BMP lines from the Soviet era. However, the number of Ukraine is on the decline, and its quality is judged to be weaker than that of Russia, while the new line of Russian armored vehicles are still used by many countries.


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