Bulgarian journalist Boyko Nikolov analyzed an article by American expert Mark Episkopos published in National Interest Magazine, when he compared two stealth fighters Sukhoi Su-57 and F-35.

The Bulgarian military expert is sure that the Russian fighter has powerful weapons, reflected in 14 types of ammunition, including short, medium and long-range air-to-air missiles; as well as guided air-to-ground missiles for various purposes.

However, the National Interest asserted that the F-35 was superior to its opponent from Russia: “The completion of the strike capability for the US fifth-generation fighter aircraft will come in the near future. The F-35 will receive new weapons, including the B61 Mod 12 nuclear bomb.”

According to Episkopos, this particular weapon is the main advantage of the F-35 over the Su-57. However, as journalist Nikolov notes, such a tactical atomic bomb can hardly be called a serious threat to Russia.

“Using tactical nuclear bombs is only an advantage if the enemy does not have this weapon. Meanwhile, Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal on the planet,” commented Nikolov.

More importantly, the Russian stealth fighter can boast of a trump card that the opponent absolutely does not have, according to the Bulgarian observer, which is the heavy drone S-70 Okhotnik.

The Su-57 has an indisputable advantage over its American rival, the S-70 Okhotnik. This attack drone will be armed with weapons equivalent to the US B61 Mod 12 bomb, as it is designed for large-scale air strikes.”

Armed with powerful weapons combined with stealth technology will allow the S-70 to attack the enemy, and at the same time eliminate the risk of Su-57 fighters facing danger from enemy air defense missile systems.

Nikolov also said that the American journalist’s appreciation of the stealth ability of the F-35 is suspicious, especially when it has to face the new generation of Russian-made anti-aircraft missile complexes.

Previously, expert Episkopos was confident that the F-35 was able to deceive not only the radar of the Su-57 but also the weapons equipped with the S-400 Triumf and S-500 Prometheus air defense missile systems, which are considered are the best complexes in the world today.

“In recent years, the S-400 has proven itself very well at tracking enemy fifth-generation fighters.”

“Moreover, even Germany has a radar station with the ability to see the ‘stealth’ F-35. Two years ago, it tracked the flight path of the American fighter.”

Apparently Nikolov was alluding to the TwInvis radar that appeared during the ILA Air Show in Berlin, which detected a pair of F-35s up to 150 km away.

However, it must be emphasized that at that time the F-35 carried a device that increased the Luneberg Lens radar reflection area, and when it removed the above weapon, the easy identification from afar was unfounded.


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