The main change in the design of the M-84A4 is in the fire control system and the engine.

The M-84 is a Yugoslav main battle tank developed in the late 1970s and early 1980s based on the Soviet T-72M. The M-84 has been in production since 1984 and received several upgrades throughout its life with the popular variant being the M-84A. The tank is also operated by the armies of Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Kuwait. In Croatia, the M-84 was upgraded to the M-84A4 standard which significantly increased the overall firepower, mobility and armor protection compared to the base M-84 or M-84A.

Croatia operates a fleet of 75 M-84A4s. The plan is to replace tanks with a NATO tank such as the Leopard 2 at some point but due to the shortage of funds this is not a top priority. In addition to the Croatian M-84A4 Sniper is also operated by Slovenia, with 54 MBTs.

The main change in the design of the M-84A4 is in the fire control system and the engine. The SUV-M-84 fire control system (FCS) on the M-84 is replaced by a new fire control system called Omega-84, which offers significant improvements over the original FCS. In the original T-72, the gunner is provided with two different sets of optics: the primary sighting system and the auxiliary system, is intended for night fighting. In the M84A4, this system was replaced with a single unified sight. Additional sensor equipment was also installed to feed data to a new fire control computer.

The M-84A4 Sniper is powered by a German-built 1,100 hp engine compared to the 1,000 hp of the original M-84. The MBT has an operational range of 700 km and a maximum speed of 65 km/h. The M-84A4 is protected by composite armor that provides a high level of protection against small arms fire and shrapnel. The tank is also equipped with an active protection system that provides an added layer of protection against incoming threats.

The M-84A4 is equipped with a 125mm main gun that is capable of firing a range of different ammunition types, including armor-piercing and high-explosive rounds. The tank is also equipped with a 7.62mm machine gun for close-range protection and a 12.7mm machine gun for engaging aerial targets.

The M-84A4 Sniper went into production by Đuro Đaković, with around 150 units produced. The Croatian and Slovenian Army’s are the main users of the M-84A4 Sniper and are still active today. The Croatian M-84A4 Sniper’s are expected to receive the 12.7mm Kongsberg Remote Weapon Station, providing the M-84A4 with hunter-killer capabilities and thermal imaging for the commander. In the early 2000’s a new modernization commenced which resulted in a prototype tank known as the M-95 Degman which itself is a continuation of the M-91 Vihor as well as the M-84D, new types of main battle tanks featuring enchantments to the FCS and dynamic protection.


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