The YP 408 was developed and manufactured by the DAF track company and used components also used in commercial trucks


DAF developed the YP 408 on the basis of the tactical, military and technical requirements. The YP 408 was put into series production after prototypes and pre-production vehicles had been subjected to years of exhaustive testing in extreme conditions, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

With the exception of the PW-GWT, all these vehicles are equipped with a DAF designed and manufactured ring mounting for a .50 Browning machine gun, whilst provision has been made for the installation of smoke grenade launchers at the front of the vehicle and for the installation and wiring-up of infra-red headlamps and an infre-red searchlight.

DAF YP-408
DAF YP-408


The YP 408 PWI-S is the basic version. The driver and gunner are seated in the driving compartment directly behind the engine; the driver on the left and the gunner on the right.

The 10 men are seated in the crew compartment behind the driving compartment; 5 on the left and 5 on the right, face to face.

The driver and gunner can enter and leave the vehicle via the hatches above their seats or via the crew compartment and the two rear doors. In an emergency they can also leave the vehicle via the hatches in the foor of the crew compartment.

Two rows of five seats are provided in the crew compartment. The hinged seat backs can be folded horizontal to serve as raised seats. In such a case the actual seats are tipped up to give more leg room.


The DAF designed and manufactured gun mounting for a .50 Browning machine gun on the hull consists of a ball bearing with ring gear and pinion, a gun cradle and a pair of hatch plates which are raised to a vertical position to protect the gunner.

The gun mounting can be rotated 360 degree with a handwheel or the gunner’s shoulder.

The cradle is designed to keep the gun in balance and to enable the gunner effortlessly to determine elevation and inclination.

The machine gun mounting can be locked in position for firing or while the vehicle is in motion.


(Source: Wikipedia)

Mass9.9 t
Length6.23 m
Width2.4 m
Height1.87 m
Crew2 + 10 Passengers
Armor8 – 16 mm
1 x 12.7 mm MG (Browning M2)
1 x 7.62 mm MG, 6 smoke canisters
EngineDAF DS 575 6-cylinder turbodiesel
165 hp
Suspension8×6 wheel
300 km
Maximum speedRoad: 82 km/h


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