The four vessels of Diponegoro-Class Corvette are designed according to the SIGMA-approach from Schelde Naval Shipbuilding.

Currently, the Indonesian navy is considered the leading power in Southeast Asia. As an island nation, the navy plays an important role in protecting the territory and security of Indonesia. Indonesian naval history began on September 10, 1945, and until now, the Indonesian navy is growing into a large naval force in the region. In terms of corvettes, its core consists of four modern Diponegoro-class corvettes.

The Indonesian corvettes has a displacement of 1,692 tons, a length of 90.71 m, a beam of 13.02 m, and a draft of 3.60 m. The four vessels are designed according to the SIGMA-approach from Schelde Naval Shipbuilding. This approach applies modular in many areas, which offers the user great flexibility at reduced costs. The corvettes are equipped with a comprehensive combat and communication suit fitted on a spacious platform accommodating 80 persons, a large helicopter deck and a twin-screw diesel propulsion. The superior propulsion and sea keeping capabilities make the SIGMA class Corvettes perfectly suited for maritime search and patrol operations in the Indonesian territorial waters.

Diponegoro-Class Corvette
Diponegoro-Class Corvette

The Diponegoro-class corvettes are equipped with MBDA Mistral Exocet surface-to-surface missiles and Tetral surface-to-air missiles. The Oto Melara 76mm super rapid gun fitted at forward can fire at a rate of 120 rounds a minute. Two 20mm G12 Denel Vector guns mounted aboard the vessel provide defence against aerial threats. The corvettes are also equipped with two standard deck-mounted B515 trainable triple-barrel launchers, which are an upgraded version of the former ILAS-3 torpedo launcher.

The corvettes are powered by two SEMT Pielstick diesel engines driving two controllable pitch propellers via two shafts. Each engine delivers a maximum power output of 8,910kW, while the propulsion system provides a maximum speed of 28kt and a range of 3,000nm at 18kt speed. The corvettes also integrate passive roll stabilisation system.

Currently, in addition to the Indonesian Navy, Sigma-class is also serving other operators, including: Royal Moroccan Navy and Mexican Navy. Serving in Moroccan Navy is Sigma 9813 & 10513 design, for Mexican Navy is Sigma 10514 LRP design.


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