The 155 mm DITA self-propelled gun was launched in February 2021 within the framework of the IDEX-2021 exhibition.

Sweden announced its largest defense aid package to Ukraine to date, amounting to $287 million, according to Reuters. The new military aid package will include air defense systems and ammunition from the stockpile of the Swedish armed forces. But the weapon Ukraine wants the most from Sweden, the Archer self-propelled howitzer, has yet to be reciprocated. Given the above situation, Kyiv seems to have given up, and their alternative is DITA, a self-propelled artillery system from the Czech Republic. The negotiations according to the announcement went very smoothly, and the complex will be handed over soon.

The 155 mm DITA self-propelled gun was launched in February 2021 within the framework of the IDEX-2021 exhibition. Thanks to its long range and high automation, it can serve as an effective counter-attack vehicle in artillery forces, along with the PzH 2000 and CAESAR. The Dita, developed by Excalibur Army, is the next evolution of the DANA M2, but with a new highly automated turret.

The artillery system is built on an 8×8 wheeled chassis, similar to its predecessor. It has a length of 13.02m, a width of 3.08m, a height of 3.12m and weighs up to 29 tons. The fully autonomous superstructure will allow the howitzer to be operated by only a two-member crew comprising a driver and commander. The superstructure will offer an emergency operation workplace to accommodate an additional crew member based on user preference.

The DITA is armed with a 155 mm/L45 gun. The maximum range is 39 km with basic ammunition, and up to 50 km with precision ammunition. This artillery system is also capable of direct firing. The turret is capable of 60˚ traverse. Maximum rate of fire is 6 rounds per minute. Sustained rate of fire is 5 rounds per minute. A total of 40 rounds with associated charges are carried for the main gun. The auxiliary armament is a 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun.

The advantage of DITA is its ability to automate all processes. It contains automatic ammunition loading system, navigation, automatic gun laying systems, ballistic computers, diagnostic systems etc. The cab is armored, protected against light fire and artillery shell fragments. It also has an NBC protection system.

The vehicle is equipped with a turbocharged and air-cooled diesel engine Tatra T3C-928-90, with a capacity of 400 horsepower, combined with an automatic transmission. There is an auxiliary power supply, allowing emergency control of the gun in the event of a failure of the main engine. DITA can travel at speeds of up to 25 km/h in the field and 90 km/h on the highway, with a range of between 300 and 600 km, depending on specific operating conditions.


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