After a series of failures, the force suffered losses, but Ukraine’s President Zelensky announced that the country’s army would counterattack. But is this possible?

On March 2, the strategic city Kherson fell, the city of Mariupol was attacked more fiercely by the Russian army; all ports on the Black Sea, in southern Ukraine will be blockaded by the Russian Army; so the connection with the outside world via sea will be completely cut off…

On March 3, the much-anticipated all-out war in Kyiv had not yet begun; But breaking news of the great advance of the Russian army came from the southern front.

The successful capture of Kherson, an important southern port, has even been described by many media outlets as “an important turning point”, since the Russian military began military operations against Ukraine.

Recently, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky admitted in his latest speech that some areas of Ukraine were controlled by Russian forces. However, he stressed that Ukraine will continue to resist on all fronts.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army even stated that the Ukrainian army would switch from a defensive state to a counterattack? However, where does Ukraine get its forces, when the Ukrainian Army is struggling to fend off all directions of Russian advances.

Meanwhile, the second round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine once again experienced problems. The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution calling on Russia to withdraw its troops, and American and European military aid continued to pour into Ukraine.

Although the latest news says that the two sides will meet at 3 pm local time on March 3; However, considering the key issues raised by the two sides today, many people believe that the negotiation will be difficult to achieve a breakthrough.

The biggest advances in the last 24 hours have come from the Southern front. Currently, the Russian Army has made a major breakthrough after capturing the city of Kherson, and then quickly moving towards the capital of the Nikolayev region.

Mayor Kherson last night announced on Facebook that the city was in the hands of the Russian army, after being besieged for several days. The Ukrainian military initially denied losing control of Kherson, but updated the information and admitted that the Ukrainian Army had left.

Kherson is the first major Ukrainian city to be captured by Russian troops since the start of the special military operation on February 24. The Russian defense ministry said the city of Kherson “is of great strategic value to Russia”.

Kherson is a strategic port city in southern Ukraine with a population of nearly 300,000. The US news agency CNN said that the fall of the city would be “an important turning point” in the operation of the Russian military, allowing Russia deeper control of the Black Sea coast in southern Ukraine.

Meanwhile, fierce fighting in Mariupol, another port city on the southern front, also continued. The city’s deputy mayor said on March 3 that Mariupol had been shelled by Russian troops for several hours. But the Ukrainian military says it retains control of the city.

Richard Shiriff, former deputy commander of NATO’s European Allied Command, said that Moscow is clearly “creating a land corridor next to Crimea”. This corridor starts from the city of Odessa and runs along the Kherson – Mariupol axis to the Donbas region.

On the Kharkiv front, according to various media reports, Kharkiv continued to be heavily shelled and attacked. There is no clear information on the latest situation and the Russian Army has not yet announced the results on this direction of attack.

British news agency BBC reported that at least four large explosions occurred in Kyiv last night and early this morning, the night sky was illuminated by explosions. The Russian Defense Ministry revealed on March 3 that the Russian military used precision strikes to paralyze the Kyiv Radio and Television Center, which is used by the Security Service of Ukraine for psychological warfare.

Meanwhile, the huge convoy of Russian troops approaching the capital Kyiv has not made significant progress in the past 24 to 36 hours. The delay could be due to the marching formation being too long. In addition are challenges to logistics and support capabilities.

On the morning of March 3, Ukrainian President Zelensky gave his latest speech, admitting that Russian troops had captured some areas of Ukraine, but emphasized that “this is only temporary, we will drive them out.”

President Zelensky also said that Ukraine is preparing to welcome the first wave of foreign “volunteers” of up to 16,000 people, who enter Ukraine without a visa and will fight until Ukraine ends the war. If so, Ukraine could become a proxy battlefield like Syria today.


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