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To my dear readers,

Thank you for loving during all this time. Today I will ask you to donate your favorite with a donation.

This sounds unreasonable: Why ask users for financial aid, when the site is growing steadily?

Military-wiki differs from other military websites, this is a military blog developed by one individual – Dung Tran. Thus the resources are very limited, however, I still try to stay aggressive in order to surpass the top military sites.

Military-wiki content is free, and it’s growing in popularity. And many people, visit it every day to share a passion for the military. serves you as a convenient database for information about various weapon systems. All the data is easy to find, clear, and simple to understand.

At its core, Military-wiki gets revenue from Google ads. However it is simply not enough to maintain the site.

Other top military sites act like a company. They have the resources, and receive funding from defense companies.

Your support will give me enough money to focus 100% of my time and resources on the site, without having to do other work to sustain my life.

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I know that most of you enjoy helping people and that a few dollars is not a big deal for most of you.

Your donation will take Military-wiki to the next level of quality. With your support, I am committed to expanding the content of this website.

Thank you,

Dung Tran.

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