The lead ship, the Elli F-450, was formally commissioned for service in the Hellenic Navy in 1982.

The Greek Navy currently operates two different types of frigates: the Hydra class and the Elli class, of which the Cold War era Elli class maintains an active presence in the Greek fleet. A total of 10 frigates were built. The ships are of Dutch origin and are also known as Kortenaer-class or Standard-class or S-class frigates. The first two ships (Elli and Limnos), which have lengthened hangars and different armament were built specifically for the Hellenic Navy. The remaining ships are ex-Royal Netherlands Navy S-frigates of the Kortenaer class transferred to the Hellenic Navy in the 1990s and early 2000s.

The ship has a full load displacement of 3,800 tons, a length of 130m, a beam of 14.5m, and a draft of 4.4m. The structure is largely stepped from bow to stern. The bow is slightly raised and seats one of the two turreted main guns. Aft of this is a box-style launching weapon system just ahead of the bridge superstructure.

Elli-class Frigate
Elli-class Frigate

The Elli class is equipped with a combined gas or gas propulsion system, driving 2 shafts, consisting of 2 Rolls Royce Tyne RM1C gas turbines, with 4,900 shp each, 2 Rolls Royce Olympus TM3B gas turbines, with 25,700 shp each. The ship can reach a maximum speed of 30 knots, a cruise speed of 20 knots, and a range of 4,700 nmi.

On Elli and Limnos, the armament is 2 × OTO-Melara 76 mm guns, 8 RGM-84 Harpoon SSM, 8 round RIM-7M Sea Sparrow SAM launcher, 2 x 324mm Mk 32 twin-tube torpedo launchers, 2 × Mk15 Phalanx CIWS. The vessels are well-equipped to counter most any threat found on the high seas, over it or under it. In this way it can engage, at range, surface threats, aerial threats, and undersea threats as needed.

Some of the ships of the class, Adrias, Aegeon, Kountouriotis and Navarinon are equipped also with two Oerlikon Mk10 20mm guns at each side of the main mast. The rest of the ships, instead of the 20mm guns, they are equipped with AN/M2 or M2 machine guns on Mk21 mounts. The aft helipad supports up to two medium-lift helicopters. These rotary-wing aircraft can be outfitted for anti-ship / anti-submarine warfare, Search and Rescue (SAR), and other pertinent over-water roles.


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