On May 26, the ENS Al-Qahhar, the second in a series of four MEKO® A-200 EN frigates of the Egyptian Navy, was officially commissioned.

The lead ship of the class, Al-Aziz, was commissioned in October 2022.  Germany approved the export of three German-built ships in December 2021. The last ship is to be built in Egypt.

The MEKO 200 is a frigate design by the Blohm + Voss shipyard of Germany, as part of the MEKO family of warships. The Egyptian Navy version of MEKO A-200EN is considered one of the most capable warships in its class. The four MEKO A-200 frigates are intended to replace the ageing US Oliver Hazard Perry-class vessels that comprise the bulk of the Egyptian Navy’s escort fleet.

The ship has a length of 118 m (387 ft), a beam of 14.8 m (49 ft), and a draught of 4.3 m (14 ft). She has a range of 6,000 nautical miles at 18 knots and a displacement of 3,4000 tons. The frigate features the revolutionary CODAG-WARP propulsion system, allows for extremely quiet acoustic signatures, a high degree of propulsion redundancy and damage survivability.

The ship is armed with one Otobreda 127 mm/64 gun and four 20 mm Oerlikon Searanger 20 remote weapon systems. For surface warfare, Al-Qahhar are equipped with eight Exocet MM40 Block 3 anti-ship missile launchers, consisted of two quad launchers, and 32 vertical launching system cells for VL MICA NG anti-aircraft missiles. For anti-submarine warfare, she is equipped with two twin 324 mm torpedo tubes for MU90 Impact and DM2A4 torpedoes.

Her sensors and electronic systems consisted of Thales NS-110 4D active electronically scanned array air/surface surveillance radar, satellite communication system, towed array sonar, Thales SCORPION 2 ECM and ESM system.

The frigate’s countermeasures systems consisted of two 32-tube Rheinmetall Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS) decoy launchers and decoy launchers for Leonardo WASS C310 surface anti-torpedo countermeasure systems. Al-Qahhar has a flight deck and hangar capable to accommodate two helicopters and a vertically-launched drone, and two boats.

The Egyptian government signed a US$2.7 billion contract with ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) in November 2018 for four MEKO A-200EN frigates and training program for its crews. Featuring a stealthy design, the frigates are dedicated to taking on the role of the new central combat platform of the Egyptian Navy. Each ship will possess a wide range of offensive and defensive capabilities, greatly enhancing the capabilities of the Egyptian Navy.


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