A fighter jet was shot down over Chernigov, the crew was killed, and an unidentified Su-25 was shot down near Kyiv.

On March 6, an unidentified fighter-bomber (possibly a Su-24) was shot down over Chernigov, hit by a ground-based anti-aircraft missile.

An anti-aircraft missile (of unknown type), tore the plane into pieces. Although the crew was able to parachute to escape, but due to fire from the ground, both pilots died.

In the photos and videos posted by the Ukrainian side, viewers can see the moment the plane was destroyed. There are no identifying marks on the fuselage and therefore it is not yet known who exactly owned the downed plane.

Two pilots are reported to have ejected from the plane, suggesting it could be a training version or a two-seat fighter; however, there has been no official statement from both Russia and Ukraine on this matter.

According to some sources, the plane was shot down with a mobile Stinger anti-aircraft missile system; however, so far, there is no official confirmation of this.

Viewers can see in the photo, the pilot of the plane successfully parachuted, but due to fire from the ground, both were killed.

A few hours ago, the wreckage of an “unidentified” fighter plane was discovered near the village of Makarov in the Kiev region.

Judging by the debris of the fuselage, it is possible that this is a Su-25 ground attack aircraft. The plane that crashed was torn to pieces by anti-aircraft fire in the air.

On a video, viewers can see that the Su-25 plane has suffered serious damage and has actually broken into many parts.

Experts determined that this was the remains of an unidentified Su-25 attack aircraft, because it did not have any identification marks and the damage was so unrecognizable.

It is known that this Su-25 attack aircraft was shot down near the village of Makarov a few days ago. All details of what happened are still unknown.

The source also does not say exactly what kind of weapon this Su-25 fighter jet was shot down with? But looking at the damage of the Su-25, it can be confirmed that it was shot down by an anti-aircraft missile, but the type is unknown.

Currently, the Ukrainian Army has not commented on the information that the Su-25 attack aircraft crashed; The same goes for Russia. Currently, the Su-25 is still in service with the air forces of dozens of countries around the world.

Since the conduct of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Ukraine’s airports are now completely suppressed by the fire of the Russian Army and the Ukrainian Air Force has been completely neutralized.

However, the Russian air force did not participate much in the war. The aircraft participating in the operation are mainly armed helicopters and a few Su-25 and Su-24 ground attack aircraft.


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