After much speculation, finally the identity of this fighter was revealed, the Su-59

According to the famous military expert Alexei Leonkov, according to the image, the “all-new” military aircraft of Rostec is a fifth-generation light single-engine fighter developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau. According to this expert, the contours of the plane, fuselage and landing gear, indicate that this is a fifth generation light fighter of the Sukhoi family.

Another well-known expert in the field of aviation, Oleg Panteleev, also believes that the new military aircraft will be essentially a fifth-generation light tactical fighter. He thinks the aircraft will have a high combat payload and advanced weapons. According to him, the wing outline shows the use of stealth technologies.

Finally, it is the Su-59
Finally, it is the Su-59

This year MAKS-2021 will celebrate its 15th anniversary. The exhibition will take place from July 20 to 25 in Zhukovsky, Moscow province. The mysterious Russian plane has attracted a lot of media attention in recent days. After much speculation, finally the identity of this fighter was revealed, the Su-59. Initially, many believed that this was a Mikoyan fighter. However, the latest information shows that this fighter comes from Sukhoi.

Unlike the 5th generation Su-57 fighter, this new fighter is smaller in size and has only a single engine. The single-engine design on the Su-59, coupled with good maneuverability and low maintenance costs – a tradition of Sukhoi aircraft – will certainly attract the attention of small and medium-sized countries. The specific shape of the new fighter is still unknown, but Western media even believe that the Su-59 is a copy of the F-35.

It is quite unfortunate that the legendary developer Mikoyan under the Soviet Union, has not released any 5th generation fighter in recent times. In 2020, Mikoyan released several computer graphics renderings, confirming that the corporation is developing a new fifth-generation fighter, directly competing with the Su-57. However, so far, there has been no movement from Mikoyan, while Sukhoi has launched a second generation fighter prototype.


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