After many stormy attacks by the Taliban in Afghanistan, the force finally captured an extremely powerful weapon, the Mi-35 armed helicopter.

According to international media, this almost intact armed helicopter was taken by the Taliban after they captured Kunduz airport, in northern Afghanistan.

It is worth mentioning, this is one of the rare Mi-35 armed helicopters that the Afghan government army owns. This helicopter is a gift from India to the Afghan forces. According to sources, thousands of Afghan soldiers, commanding officers and policemen have surrendered. This is also the reason the Mi-35 helicopter is intact, not destroyed.

The Mi-35 attack helicopter has a long history of operation in the Afghan battlefield. However, the recorded documents say that the Mi-35 helicopter encountered many damage while operating on this battlefield. Quite simply, it was because the Mi-35 helicopter and its variants could not withstand the dusty and sandy air of the Middle East.

The weak air defense of the Taliban seems to be unable to harm this helicopter, as any ammunition with a caliber of less than 23mm, usually cannot damage the Mi-35. The most dangerous weapon that the Mi-35 attack helicopters have to endure in this battlefield is the man-portable air defense missile MANPADS.

During the war in Afghanistan, many countries have “contributed” armed helicopters to the armed forces here. For example, between 2008 and 2009, the Czech Republic contributed up to six Mi-24 helicopters to the Afghan government forces. India has also contributed at least three Mi-35 helicopters to the Afghan government, and one of them is the ill-fated helicopter that was captured almost intact by the Taliban a few days ago.

If it can be found to operate, it is likely that this Indian Mi-35 helicopter will become the first element of the Taliban Air Force. Not excluding the possibility, the Taliban will re-requisition pilots and mechanics of the Afghan government troops who have surrendered, to be able to bring this helicopter back to operation as quickly as possible.


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