The First Win was originally developed as a mine-resistant ambush protected infantry mobility vehicle

In the face of increasing instability in the region, countries in the Asia-Pacific region have paid attention to invest in developing armored vehicle forces. For Thailand, in response to threats from radical Islamic forces in southern Thailand and border disputes, Thai military authorities have stepped up the equipping of modern ACVs.

Thailand has developed a 4×4 multi-purpose armored vehicle, the First Win, which can be used to perform military, peacekeeping, administrative, law enforcement and police missions. The First Win was unveiled for the first time to the public during the International Defense Exhibition IDEX in February 2011. The vehicle was fully designed and developed by Chaiseri using a monocoque hull and 4×4 driveline.

First Win
First Win

The First Win was originally developed as a mine-resistant ambush protected infantry mobility vehicle with a fully welded steel monocoque V hull providing superior protection against multiple battlefield threats, including mines and improvised explosive devices. The vehicle’s full load weight is about 13 tons, the length is 6.5 m, the width is 2.45 m, and the height is 2.65 m. It can carry up to 10 soldiers plus a driver.

The First Win 4×4 360 degrees protection system is based on a welded ballistic hull with V-Shapped floor to dissipate mine blasts. Extensive use of composite material in the V Shapped hull reduces the vehicle weight. Ballistic and blast protection performance depends on customer requirement from STANAG 4569 Lv 1 up to Lv 3.

A 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun can be mounted on the roof, while firing ports allow use of small arms from inside. Remote Weapon System can also be installed upon requirement.

The First Win is powered by a Cummins diesel engine (300HP in the original configuration, and 250HP in the E version) coupled with an Allison 3000 SP automatic transmission. The vehicle comes standard with powered steering, independent suspensions and run-flat tyres.

First Win can attain a maximum speed of 110km and a maximum cruising range of approximately 600km. It can climb vertical obstacles of 0.5m, cross trenches of 0.9m, and ford in up to 1m-deep waters.


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