The Spanish Navy currently owns two Galicia-class landing platform docks, the Galicia L-51 and the Castilla L-52.

The Galicia-class was built by Navantia for amphibious warfare as well as can be deployed as a logistical support role in both military and civilian operations. Galicia was commissioned in 1998 and Castilla in 2000. They are the result of a joint project between Spain and the Netherlands to develop a common class of LPD that would fulfill the needs of both countries to replace older ships.

The project, which began in the early 1990s, was designed to transport a battalion of marines and disembark them offshore and general logistic support. The ships have a full load displacement of about 13,815 tons, a length of 160 m, a beam of 25 m, and a draft of 5.9 m.


The Galicia-class can transport a full battalion of marines and their equipment. The Galicia can carry up to 543 fully equipped troops and an additional 72 aircrew, special operations staff or training crew. The Castilla can carry up to 404 fully equipped troops and 72 special staff and air crew members.

The Galicia class have a 60 x 25 m flight deck capable of operating helicopters. The vessels have hangar area for four heavy or six medium helicopters. The LPDs usually sail with six AB 212 or four SH-3D helicopters embarked. Their well deck is capable of operating six landing craft vehicle and personnel or four landing craft mechanized or one landing craft utility and one LCVP.  Normally, they operate with four LCM-1E craft.

Within the ship there is about 1,000 m2 of parking space for up to 130 armoured personnel carriers or 33 main battle tanks. However, a maximum of 170 vehicles can be carried depending on size.


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