The GAZ Tigr multipurpose vehicle was developed by Russia to replace traditional Soviet military vehicles, such as the legendary UAZ-469. Known as the ” Humvee of Russia”.

Modern military vehicles are far surpassed its predecessors in the era of World War 2. Today, military vehicles are not only used to transport personnel, but can also support fire. In the armed conflicts of the twenty-first century, the line of the front line was not always clear, so even the rear units must be ready to fight at any time.

In Russia, GAZ Group is known as a well known automobile manufacturer. In addition to civilian products, GAZ is also known for many military armored vehicles such as BTR-80 amphibious armoured personnel carrier, Ural Typhoon mine resistant vehicle and especially all-terrain infantry mobility vehicle, the Tigr.

The GAZ Tigr is a versatile and reliable vehicle used for transporting troops and small cargo, patrolling, reconnaissance, protecting squads when operating, or performing special missions. The independent suspension system, 40 cm undercarriage, 215 horsepower turbodiesel, a transfer case with a locking center differential, limited slip differentials provide outstanding off-road capability. Tigr can pass deep holes up to 1.2 meters.

The GAZ Tigr multipurpose vehicle was developed by Russia to replace traditional Soviet military vehicles, such as the legendary UAZ-469. Known as the ” Humvee of Russia”, the car possesses unique features while retaining many traditional advantages of Russian cars. The Tigr was originally designed by Russia for another country. A company in the United Arab Emirates has contracted to develop armored vehicles with a subsidiary of GAZ. The car was initially introduced in 2001 but the cooperation was later terminated, both sides in the hands of technology. The UAE company created Nimr while Russia produced the Tigr. The first version of this model is the GAZ-2975, which entered service in late 2006 and went into mass production in 2007.

In recent years, hundreds of changes have been made in armored vehicle designs, including changes in bulletproof grades and technical capabilities. GAZ Tigr is currently in service with the Russian armed forces and a number of other countries, it is considered one of the best military vehicles.

GAZ 2330 is the standard platform, from which GAZ makes small improvements and additions to suit the requirements of the various units of the Russian Army and police. The vehicle has an overall length of 5.7m, height of 2.4m, width of 2.2m, total weight of about 7.2 tons. The car provides seating for drivers and 11 passengers.

The most special feature of this armored vehicle lies in its engine. GAZ-2330 Tigr is equipped with a multi-fuel engine, including gasoline, diesel, kerosene or even a mixture of the above mentioned fuels. This is what makes Tigr so unique. It can be fitted with 3 different types of turbocharged diesel engines: Cummins B-180 180 hp, Cummins B-214 215 hp and GAZ-562 197 hp. The car can reach a maximum speed of 125 to 140km/h, a range of 900km. The engine has a heating element, so the car can start the engine in temperatures of -50 degrees Celsius. It can be equipped with an automatic transmission or a manual transmission.

The Tigr is available with various body styles to suit different mission requirements, it can be customized to carry soldiers, armored or cargo. In the armored versions, they are protected with different armor levels. There are vehicles that are protected with level 5 protection, which can withstand AK-47 fire with heat-cast steel core warheads. The vehicle is not only protected in the body but also in the windshield, welds and other elements.

The modular structure of the Tigr allows the manufacturer to make many customizations to turn this vehicle into a command or combat vehicle with a variety of weapon options, from heavy machine guns to anti-tank missile complexes. The Tigr’s armament is not inferior to heavy armored vehicles. All armored vehicles of this type have port firing on the side of the vehicle. On the roof is a 12.7 mm caliber Kord machine gun turret, 7.62 mm Pecheneg machine gun or 30 mm AGS-30 automatic grenade launcher. The Tigr can be equipped with a 120 mm Goresh mortar combination, Cornet-D anti-tank missile launchers, Gibka-C light air defense missiles. There are also plans to equip the 2A72 30mm automatic cannon, which can be compared to BTR-82A in terms of firepower.

In addition to the Russian armed forces, Tigr has appeared in several other countries such as China, Uruguay and Slovakia. The Tigrs were tested in real combat conditions in Syria. On October 27, 2019, dozens of modern armored vehicles Tigr and Taifun-U were mobilized by Russia to support military police patrolling the Syrian-Turkish border. According to the announcement, Il-76 heavy military transport aircraft carried dozens of armored vehicles from military airports in Rostov and Krasnodar provinces to Hmeimim air base. These armored vehicles will be used in transporting troops and weapons. These vehicles are equipped with information control systems as well as air conditioning.

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At present, Slovakia is the only NATO member to put Russian Tigr military vehicles on its payroll, instead of US Humvee military vehicles. Although relations between NATO and Russia are tense, the fact that a member of NATO firmly on using Russian Tigrs shows that the advantages of these vehicles are real, not the advertising of the business man.


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