Germany first sent a squadron of Eurofighter Typhoon fighters, aircraft carriers and refueling aircraft to Asia for exercises, demonstrating its ability to fight in the region.

The German Air Force said in a statement on August 17, The Luftwaffe deployed fighters and support aircraft to the Indo-Pacific region for the first time. The planes traveled 10,000 kilometers in 24 hours. This is a move to demonstrate its operational capability during two regional exercises and to show solidarity with its allies there.

The German squadron consisting of 6 Typhoon fighters, 4 A400M transports and 3 A330 multirole refueling aircraft arrived in Singapore on August 16, preparing to move to Australia to participate in the Pitch Black exercise from August 19 to September 9. “We want to demonstrate that we can be in Asia within a day,” said Lt. Gen. Ingo Gerhartz, the air service’s chief of staff.

The Eurofighter Typhoon is a highly agile aircraft, designed to be a supremely effective dogfighter in combat. Later production aircraft have been increasingly better equipped to undertake air-to-surface strike missions and to be compatible with an increasing number of different armaments and equipment, including Storm Shadow and the RAF’s Brimstone.

The Eurofighter Typhoon features a unique canard delta wing configuration and closely resembles the French Dassault Rafale. The foreplane configuration is intentionally aerodynamically unstable which provides a high level of agility, low drag and enhanced lift. The pilot controls the aircraft through a computerised digital fly-by-wire system which provides artificial stabilisation and gust elevation to give good control characteristics throughout the flight envelope. Engines are fed by a chin double intake ramp situated below a splitter plate.

The aircraft is constructed of carbon-fibre composites, glass-reinforced plastic, aluminium lithium, titanium and aluminium casting. Although not designated a stealth fighter, measures were taken to reduce the Typhoon’s radar cross section, especially from the frontal aspect. Some external weapons are mounted semi-recessed into the aircraft, partially shielding these missiles from incoming radar waves.

Other features such as Direct Voice Input and Hands On Throttle And Stick control functions have been implemented on the Eurofighter Typhoon to drastically reduce the pilot’s workload. Voice & Throttle And Stick enables single pilot operations even in the most demanding Air-to-Air, Air-to-Surface and swing-role missions.

The Eurofighter Typhoon’s wide angle head up display provides the pilot with stable, accurate, high integrity, low latency eyes-out guidance in a compact package. The HUD offers high performance that is compatible with night vision and laser protection goggles.

Germany and its NATO allies are increasingly turning toward the Indo-Pacific, even as they face challenges on the European continent with Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. NATO’s recently released Strategic Compass document warned for the first time that the People’s Republic of China’s stated ambitions and policies challenge the alliance’s interests, security, and values.


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